Sino-US Colloquium (VIII): Beyond the Current Distrust

Taking this opportunity at the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, the China Energy Fund Committee has organized “Sino-US Colloquium (VIII): Beyond the Current Distrust”, to explore and discuss the experiences of China and the US regarding the post-War management of international affairs and global peace, and to analyze new trends and challenges for the management of global affairs in the future. 

Organized by The China Energy Fund and the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies (GWU) and co-sponsored by Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs, GWU’s Sigur Center for Asian Studies, and GWU’s Institute for Security and Conflict Studies. 

Featuring presentations and panel discussions led by:

  • Kurt Campbell, The Asia Group
  • Michael Swaine, Carnegie Endowment of International Peace
  • Fred Bergsten, Peterson Institute of International Economics
  • Hugh White, Australian National University

View the full program schedule here