Incorporating Ethics into Artificial Intelligence

Papers and other documents for a workshop on AI ethics, to take place March 3-5, 2017 in Washington, DC.

"A Value Driven Agent: Instantiation of a Case-Supported Principle-Based Behavior Paradigm" Michael Anderson, Susan Anderson, and Vincent Berenz

"The Liability Problem for Autonomous Artificial Agents" Peter Asaro

"A Body to Kick, but Still No Soul to Damn: Legal Perspectives on Robotics" Peter Asaro

"Big Data's Disparate Impact" Solon Barocas and Andrew Selbst

"Exploring or Exploiting? Social and Ethical Implications of Autonomous Experimentation in AI" Sarah Bird​,​ Solon Barocas​,​ Kate Crawford​,​ Fernando Diaz​,​​and ​Hanna Wallach

"Why Robots Must Learn to Tell Us No" Gordon Briggs and Matthias Scheutz

"There is a blind spot in AI research" Ryan Calo

"Artificial intelligence: where’s the philosophical scrutiny?" Vincent Conitzer

"Today’s Artificial Intelligence Does Not Justify Basic Income" Vincent Conitzer

"Responsible Artificial Intelligence: Ethical Thinking by and about AI" Virginia Dignum

"Moral Decision Making Frameworks for Artificial Intelligence" Vincent Conitzer, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Jana Schaich Borg, Yuan Deng, Max Kramer

Autonomous Cars: Opportunities and Threats Presentation by Robert Finkelstein

"Ethically Aligned Design" The IEEE  Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

"A Rawlsian Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles" Derek Leben

"How to Defeat Terrorism" Benjamin Kuipers

The Law of Robots Ugo Pagallo

"Controlling Humans and Machines" Bryant Walker Smith

"Moral Machines: Teaching Robots Right from Wrong" Wendell Wallach and Colin Allen