Syrian girl

To Save 25,000 Syrian Children

December 22, 2015

 I suggested that the United States should invite 25,000 Syrian families to each send one of their children under the age of 10 to the United States. Here, they would stay in foster homes until the end of the war. 

Image Credit: Airman Benjamin Dennis, U.S. Navy

Is the Pentagon Out of Step with the White House on China?

December 21, 2015

On December 16, The New York Times reported that a “U.S Admiral Assails China’s ‘Unilateral’ Actions at Sea.” While the admiral did not mention China by name, there was no doubt about which nation he was charging with interfering in the freedom of navigation in the region by diverting ships that were traveling too close to the artificial islands recently built by China.


Needed: Domestic Disarmament, Not 'Gun Control'

December 07, 2015

In response to the almost daily mass shootings in the United States good progressive persons are calling for some measure of gun control. They may well know, in their heart of hearts, that even if these measures are enacted, they will do little to reduce gun violence.