Al Kuds, Jerusalem, Palestine

An Israeli-Palestinian Commonwealth?

July 23, 2013

Secretary John Kerry is reported to making progress in restarting the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Typing on a computer keyboard

Unorthodox Questions About Leaks

July 17, 2013

Most everybody is up in arms over the recent revelations about government snooping and the Obama administration’s investigation of the media to find the leakers. These investigations, the media reports, “chill” its sources and prevent it from doing its job–keeping the public informed. Well, if you’ll bear with me for a moment, I have some questions about this whole ball of wax.

"Tahrir Square during Friday of Departure" by (Mona sosh)

Demonstration Democracy

July 05, 2013

Many are asking why people in democratic regimes are taking to the streets. The topic should attract attention. After all, democratic theory assumes that if people are dissatisfied with their government, they will get a new one via the ballot box. But whether in Brazil, Turkey or many other democracies, people are instead protesting. Moreover, all too frequently what start as a peaceful demonstrations turn into violent confrontations with the police or other demonstrators.

Chief of Naval Operations speaks at the Brookings Institute about the Air-Sea Battle concept

Preparing to Go to War With China

July 02, 2013

If you have never heard of the Air-Sea Battle (ASB) concept, you are in the good company of most Americans. Since 2009 the Pentagon has been fleshing out this operational concept, which prepares the United States, among other contingencies, for an all-out war with China. You may say, “Wait a moment; surely the military has a contingency plan for everything, even for an alien invasion” — and you would be correct. Air-Sea Battle, however, is moving beyond the contingency phase to implementation, including force restructuring and significant budget allocation.