Lower Levels of Leadership in Industry

January 01, 1959

The distinction between formal and informal organization may serve to delineate the sources of motivation for accepting or rejecting the role-expectations of an organizational structure.

Industrial Sociology: The Study of Economic Organizations

September 01, 1958

Industrial Sociology is a field of applied sociology, and has grown mainly out of interests in such issues as productivity, motivation, and unionization. In many cases, however, the theoretical relevance of the studies is evident, and often it is explicitly discussed by those who conducted the research.

Administration and the Consumer

September 01, 1958

The ideal of service to the public prevails. In our society, it is derived in the main from the ideal of the maximum happiness of the greatest number. By definition, public services are assumed to have been established in order to supply services to the public.

Work: An Educational Technique in Israeli Schools

August 01, 1958

Educational techniques are closely relatcd to the values and the structure of the society in which education takes place. As a society changes, techniques are altered or abandoned, and new techniques are introduced. Israel furnishes an illuminating example of the effect of social change on educational method.

Democratic and Non-Democratic Supervision in Industry

July 01, 1958

The human relations school has often been criticized for not paying enough attention to structural and cultural factors and for focusing on factors which can be controlled.

Human Relations and the Foreman

March 01, 1958

This paper will be concerned with some of the basic cultural and structural conditions which iminge on the application of the human realtions appreoach in industry.

Religious Parties: The Base of Political Stability

January 01, 1958

Understanding the political function of religioue parties is important for an analysis of the political process of many countries. Religious parties play a significant role in Holland, France, Italy, Getmany, Israel and many other countries.

Agrarianism in Israel's Party System

August 01, 1957

The agricultural sector of Israel's Jewish population is not very large; nevertheless the role of agriculture in the political life of the country is of the utmost importance. 

The Organizational Structure of the Kibbutz

August 01, 1957

“The Organizational Structure of the Kibbutz,” Niv HaKevutza, Vol. 6, No. 3 (August 1957), pp. 412-433; Vol. 6, No. 4 (October 1957), pp. 658-682 (in Hebrew). 

Solidaric Work Groups in Collective Settlements

August 01, 1957

The aim of this paper is to explain the wide differences in solidarity observed in working groups on collective settlements (Kibbutzim) in Israel.

The Organizational Structure of Educational Institutions

July 01, 1956

“The Organizational Structure of Educational Institutions,” Megamot Child Welfare Research Quarterly, Vol. VII, No. 3 (July 1956), pp. 244-253 (in Hebrew).



Social Maturity

January 01, 1953

“Social Maturity,” Encyclopedia Hebraica (1953) (in Hebrew), Vol. 7, pp. 613-616.