On Changing Societies

July 01, 1971

Societies were once viewed as natural entities found, like a jungle tribe, in a primal condition and able to change their character from, say, agrarian to industrial without any one person or group of people having planned the change.

Policy Research

June 01, 1971

Policy research is concerned with mapping alternative approaches and with specifying potential differences in the intention, effect, and cost of various programs.


April 30, 1971

Throughout history, violence-killing, maiming, and the willful destruction of property-occurs in all societies.

The Policy of Open Admissions

March 16, 1971

Recent decisions to open admission to somc of our institutions of higher learning is one which will have pervasive effects on thc next generation of Americans, the economy, the culture of this society, the quality of its sciences, as well as its humnnities, and the extent to which social justice will be realized.

Harvard Educational Review 41

February 01, 1971

Harvard Educational Review 41, No. 1 (February 1971), pp. 87-98. (Charles E. Silberman, Crisis in the Classroom).

The Danger Behind Revenue Sharing

January 30, 1971

Revenue sharing is to the end financial drought that shriveles our domestic programs.

The Educational Mission

January 01, 1971

The four contributions before us reflect the current stance toward educational institutions.

School as a 'Guidable' System

January 01, 1971

Schools again stand charged with curricular and structural rigidities, with inability to adjust to the rapidly changing needs of contemporary society.

How to Cope with Now

December 01, 1970

“How to Cope with Now,” Transaction 8, No. 12 (November/December 1970), pp. 102-104. (Alvin Toffler, Future Shock.)

Societal Turnability: A Theoretical Treatment

December 01, 1970

In Bernard Udis (ed.) Adjustment of the U.S. Economy to Reductions in Military Spending.

Psychological Disarmament in the Middle East

November 10, 1970

“Psychological Disarmament in the Middle East,” Psychiatry and Social Science Review 4, No. 13 (November 10, 1970), pp. 15-18. (American Friends Service Committee, Search for Peace in the Middle East.)

Lunch with Three Prospective Bombers

October 27, 1970

Last Sunday I met three would-be bombers, two young men and a young woman whom I'll call Jim, Dick and Sally.

Punishment for the Universities–Starvation

October 26, 1970

“Punishment for the Universities–Starvation” Newsday (October 26, 1970).

Freeing the Food and Drug Administration

October 01, 1970

Suggestions that the role of government be reduced have had a certain popularity for many years.

One Way Out of the Israeli-Egyptian Deadlock

September 18, 1970

To keep afloat the hope for peace negotiations between Egypt, Jordan and Israel, several devices have been suggested, all of which, thus far, are designed to cost Egypt more than it is willing to pay.