Citizenship Tests: A Comparative, Communitarian Perspective

September 01, 2007

At first, it may seem that citizenship tests are just what their title implies: tests that determine whether a person is qualified to become a citizen. Actually, in many nations that require such citizenship tests, the vast majority of the individuals involved are not required to command any qualifications to become a citizen and hence are not tested.

Terrorists are neither criminals nor soldiers

August 22, 2007

As a former terrorist (in Palestine, 1946-47), let me tell you that Gordon Brown is right to extricate the UK from Iraq, but he is dead wrong when he argues that suicide bombers can be deterred in

Are New Technologies the Enemy of Privacy?

August 09, 2007

Privacy is one good among other goods and should be weighed as such.

Wilson Carey McWilliams's Conservative Communitarianism

August 01, 2007

Wilson Carey McWilliams was active in his church, political party, and government--all at the local level.

Social Analysis and Social Action

August 01, 2007

My interest over the last ten years has moved from the study of smaller social units to that of larger ones, from greater concern with conceptualization to an emphasis on the social relevance of social science, and from a fair segregation of the role of the sociologist and the active citizen to a greater effort to articulate the two.

Fundamentalist' Muslims Who Reject All Terrorism

July 18, 2007

The most important point of R.

Democracy is Not a Suicide Pact

July 01, 2007

SOME REALISTS argue that if the United States promotes democracy in places such as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the opening up of these polities would lead to more Islamist states.

Stel je prioriteiten goed

June 17, 2007

Het wedterse buitenlands beleid moet reslistischer worden. 

The Syrian Poison Capsule

June 14, 2007

Recently I participated in a lunch at the home of the Syrian government's representative to Washington, attended by a small group of people.

Syria's Poison Pill

June 13, 2007

This is the Syrian article that corresponds with "The Syrian Poison Capsule"

Sicherheit zuerst

May 31, 2007

Das Schicksal Afganistans wie das des Iraks zeigen, dass die Politic des Westens gengenube diesen Landern in hohem MaB von Illusionin und falschen Erwartunge ausging.

Don’t Brown the Latinos

May 15, 2007

Students applying for admission to colleges in the United States are typically asked to identify their races. The lists of options students are offered to choose from pose two problems. The first problem is faced by students who do not wish to be racially defined, and prefer to simply present themselves as Americans. The other problem is for Hispanics, the most rapidly growing part of the population. Some Hispanics see themselves as black, some as white, and most as neither.

Hispanics and Asian Immigrants: America’s Last Hope

May 15, 2007

The claim that large waves of "nonwhite" immigration will have a significant effect on the American creed, identity, and society is not without foundation. Immigration waves have continually change American society since its earliest days. However, these immigrants have made their mark not by undoing the established creed, thus leaving a normative vacuum and sowing societal dissent, but by recasting the framework that hold the United States together and often making it the better for it.

Foreword: A United Nations for the 21st Century

May 15, 2007

“Foreword.” A United Nations for the 21st Century: From Reaction to Prevention. Detlev Wolter. Germany: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2007.

Corporate Crime

May 05, 2007

The right to bring civil suits against corporations for the damage their activities have caused has long been established in American law. However, the notion that criminal charges can be brought against a corporation is self-evident, for, as the saying goes, "One cannot jail a corporation."