Change and Adaptation

December 01, 1966

“Change and Adaptation,” Science 54 (December 1966), pp. 1532-1533. (Elting Morison, Men, Machines, and Modern Times).

Crime and Free Will

October 30, 1966

For decades sociologists have argues that crime is an illness not a sin, that criminals do not freely choose a life of larceny, prostitution or narcotics peddling.

The Long Shadow of Senator McCarthy

June 01, 1966

It is now almost ten years since Senator McCarthy's death, but his impact on American society has far from disappeared.

More ‘Humane’ Warfare in Vietnam?

May 01, 1966

The United States appears to be considering an expansion of the use of chemical weapons in Vietnam.

War and Disarmament

April 25, 1966

Harnessed nuclear fission can provide humankind with bountiful, inexpensive energy to serve a large number and variety of goals from the desalinization of oceans and the watering of deserts to the melting of polar ice and traveling in outerspace. 

On the National Guidance of Science

March 01, 1966

This article presents an analysis of an important issue of national policy: the guidance of science.

Dual Leadership in Complex Organizations

October 01, 1965

This paper attempts to integrate theoretically the Bales-Parsons model of small groups and a theory of complex organizations.

Chaos in Science

July 09, 1965

Until recently, appropriations for scientific and technological projects were granted by Congress with surprisingly little scrutiny.

Ivan Abroad, Purse in Hand

June 27, 1965

“Ivan Abroad, Purse in Hand,” New York Times Book Review, June 27, 1965. (Victor Lasky, The Ugly Russian).

Strategic Models for a De-polarizing World

June 01, 1965

It is becoming commonplace to state that a Western strategy that assumes or seeks to foster a bi-polar world is obsolescent.

Organizational Control Structure

March 01, 1965

Organizational control structure is a distribution of means used by an organization to elicit the performances it needs and to check whether the quantities and qualities of such performances are in accord with organizational specifications.

Social Analysis as a Sociological Vocation

March 01, 1965

Elephantiasis, an abnormal thickening and enlargement of tissues, occurs in both the animal and the plant kingdoms. 

America in a Pluralistic World

January 01, 1965

“America in a Pluralistic World,” in Hans J. Morgenthau (ed.), The Crossroad Papers: A Look into the American Future (New York: Norton, 1965), pp. 184-195.

Strategic Models for a Policentric World

January 01, 1965

It is becoming commonplace to state that a Western strategy that assumes or seeks to foster a bi-polar world is obsolescent.

When Scientists Testify

October 01, 1964

It was a warm afternoon in June 1963; the Senate Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences was listening to a distinguished American scientist's testimony on the merits of our space program.