Toward a Theory of Societal Guidance

September 01, 1967

An attempt to outline the basis for a macrosociological theory.

What We Need to Teach

August 14, 1967

More and bloodier riots may be expected in American cities over the next several years.

Why Britain is Different

June 19, 1967

Many American observers see the new application of Britain for membership in the European Economic Community (EEC) as a morality play.

The Kennedy Experiment

June 01, 1967

The pattern of events between June 10 and November 22, 1963, provided a partial test of a theory of international relations.

The Liberation of the Jew

April 01, 1967

“The Liberation of the Jew,” Jewish Frontier 34, No. 4 (April 1967), pp. 27-28. (Albert Memmi, The Liberation of the Jew.)

Russia’s Jews are Pleading for Help

March 29, 1967

Before I left New York in February, a colleague who knew that I was concerned about the fate of Soviet Jewry told me, "Be sure to see Shamburg."

Social Control: Organizational Aspects

January 01, 1967

All social units control their members, but the problem of control in organizations is especially acute.

Toward a Sociological Theory of Peace

January 01, 1967

“Toward a Sociological Theory of Peace,” in Llewellyn Gross (ed.), Sociological Theory: Inquiries and Paradigms (New York: Harper and Row, 1967), pp. 267-293.

Sociological Perspectives on Strategy

January 01, 1967

Strategy sets forth principles for the selection and employment of resources and power in the pursuit of given goals, and also specifies priorities among these goals. 

Change and Adaptation

December 01, 1966

“Change and Adaptation,” Science 54 (December 1966), pp. 1532-1533. (Elting Morison, Men, Machines, and Modern Times).

Crime and Free Will

October 30, 1966

For decades sociologists have argues that crime is an illness not a sin, that criminals do not freely choose a life of larceny, prostitution or narcotics peddling.

The Long Shadow of Senator McCarthy

June 01, 1966

It is now almost ten years since Senator McCarthy's death, but his impact on American society has far from disappeared.

More ‘Humane’ Warfare in Vietnam?

May 01, 1966

The United States appears to be considering an expansion of the use of chemical weapons in Vietnam.

War and Disarmament

April 25, 1966

Harnessed nuclear fission can provide humankind with bountiful, inexpensive energy to serve a large number and variety of goals from the desalinization of oceans and the watering of deserts to the melting of polar ice and traveling in outerspace. 

On the National Guidance of Science

March 01, 1966

This article presents an analysis of an important issue of national policy: the guidance of science.