Freeing the Food and Drug Administration

October 01, 1970

Suggestions that the role of government be reduced have had a certain popularity for many years.

One Way Out of the Israeli-Egyptian Deadlock

September 18, 1970

To keep afloat the hope for peace negotiations between Egypt, Jordan and Israel, several devices have been suggested, all of which, thus far, are designed to cost Egypt more than it is willing to pay.

CATV: High Potential, Many Problems

September 08, 1970

The much maligned TB box-"waste-land" "boob tube"- may yet be the foundation of culture, education and information the American home.

A Swing to the Right?

September 01, 1970

I live in a district of middle-class professionals that elected a liberal, William F. Ryan, to Congress; and, while I know no one personally who has lost a son in the war, I do have fine nieghbors who have recently been mugged and beaten, on their apartments have been burglarized.

Universities: Strike, Strike, Strike?

July 01, 1970

The "elaborate rationales [that] have evolved to explain the virtues of striking universities"are "thinner than the paper on which they are stenciled," says Dr. Etzioni.

Morality Without Authority?

June 23, 1970

“Morality Without Authority?” Psychiatry and Social Science Review 4, No. 8 (June 23, 1970), pp. 16-19 (Benjamin Spock, Decent and Indecent).

The War on Poverty: Between Economics and Politics

June 01, 1970

A wealth of solutions to poverty have been proposed, with little understanding of the forces required to turn a sound idea into an "implementable" program.

A New Kind of Insurance

April 01, 1970

President Nixon's income maintenance plan would add an estimated $4 billion a year to the welfare bills on the nation's taxpayers.

Indicators of the Capacities for Societal Guidance

March 01, 1970

This paper discusses the continuation of the effort to develop indicators of marcrosociological concepts.

Mr. Nixon’s Voluntarism: Whatever Happened to a Campaign Idea?

January 16, 1970

Reluctantly, liberal Democrat that I am, I must admit that the Nixon Administration has come up with a rather good idea.

Consensus and Reforms in the 'Great Society'

January 01, 1970

One main reason the Great Society never took of was that its programs were not buttressed by a thorough bargaining process with the appropriate interests.

Toward a Keynesian Theory of Social Processes

October 01, 1969

”Toward a Keynesian Theory of Social Processes,” World Politics XXII, No. 1 (October 1969), pp. 140-147. (Everett E. Hagen and Stephanie F.T. White, Great Britain: Quiet Revolution in Planning, and J.P. Nettl, Political Mobilization: A Sociological Analysis of Methods and Concepts.)

A Nixonian Seer

September 01, 1969

“A Nixonian Seer,” Psychiatry and Social Science Review 3, No. 8 (August 1969), pp. 18-20 (Peter F. Drucker, The Age of Discontinuity.)

The Fallacy of Decentralization

August 25, 1969

In 1947, I was delivering hay from Tel Yoseph, an Israeli kibbutz, to Ein Harod, another kibbutx less than a mile away.

Man and Society: The Inauthentic Condition

August 01, 1969

Among sociologists and social psychologists the concept of 'basic human needs' is held in low regard.