News That is Both National and Local

January 01, 1978

A social scientist suggests ways to find and cover trends that may be developing in many scattered communities.

Anti-Poverty Insurance

January 01, 1978

Most policy-makers view poverty as akin to a stagnant pool which may be slowly drained as each individual or family trapped there is helped to climb out.

Out From Under Those Government Forms

December 13, 1977

Once in a while one cannot escape the feeling that particular public policies are the handiwork of persons whose usual work is dreaming up bumper stickers, fortunes for Chinese cookies, book jacket blurbs and Madison Avenue jingles. How otherwise could one account for our fondness for short, flashy formulations that trivialize highly complex issue

Relief For the Cities: A Bond Swap

November 13, 1977

New York City keeps deferring its return to fund-raising from the private sector through the sale of new bonds, and continues to rely ever more on Washington handouts and allotments. Currently more than 15 percent of the city’s labor force is being paid with Federal monies. Indeed, bond-rating experts suggest that it would take New York a decade before it could sell bonds on a continuing basis. The reason usually given for the city’s inability to float new bonds or notes is that they will find no buyers.

What Our FBI Files Tell About the FBI

November 11, 1977

I do not know who started it, but in 1972 the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a lengthy inquiry into my past. Someone had charged that "Etzioni had made statements critical of the United States' foreign policy, that he had defended the position of Red China and the Soviet Union, and had made unwarranted accusations against the military and intelligence organizations of the United States."

Putting One Over On the Elderly–65 and out: Not as Bad As It Looks

October 30, 1977

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Long on rhetoric, short on understanding of the scoio-dymanics of America, the spokesman of the aged are rushing through Congress a bill to outlaw mandatory retirement before the age of 70.

Can Schools Teach Kids Moral Values?

September 01, 1977

A 1975 Gallup Poll of a random sample of Americans reports that 4 out or every 5 favor instruction in morality and moral behavior in public schools.

Crime: Pay Dirt for Politicos

July 13, 1977

Politicos love crime. It provides them with what is considered amoung campaign engineers to be a "good" issue.

Quality Cost and Equal Access–Variables at Cross Purposes

June 01, 1977

“Quality Cost and Equal Access–Variables at Cross Purposes,” Medical Group Management, Vol. 24, No. 3 (May- June 1977), pp. 55-58.

Porn Is Here To Stay

May 17, 1977

Mayor Meame may well be sincerely disgusted with pornography; only he is much better at keeping his feelings about erotic material private when no election looms.

The America OPEC Versus New York

April 25, 1977

New York finds itself squeezed, this time, by an American OPEC.

The Day It All Turned Around For New York City

April 04, 1977

Not many outsiders know about the small, sprited band of optimists-called Team A- that the Defense Department keeps hidden away inside the Pentagon.

Medicaid Woes: Expose Is Not Reform

January 10, 1977

Seldome since J. Edgar Hoover personally held a gun to John Dillinger have Americant been treated to such dramatic flair in the pursuit of public enemies.

An Uneasy Policy in Energy

January 02, 1977

Oddly, President-elect Carter's promise for a strong energy policy- which we surely need- may be our next Vietman.

The Role of Institutionalized Thinking

January 01, 1977

“The Role of Institutionalized Thinking,” Inter-Sectoral Educational Planning (Paris: OECD Organization for Economic Cooperational and Development, 1977), pp. 167-179.