Some Protectionism

May 26, 1983

Unfortunately, so far, most of our protection has been of the wrong kind.

One Way to Keep Inflation Down

May 21, 1983

Bringing down the fever of inflation–albeit at tremendous human and economic cost– is the easy part. The tough part is to keep it down. The United States reduced it before, three times just between 1970 and 1982, using similar sadomasochistic recessionary baths. But it always flared again, each time rising higher than it had been before the recession.

The Essential Family

May 01, 1983

The family is widely considered the "first" institution, the elementary cell of social life. It is here that maturity is first experienced and civility is first taught.

A Remedy for Overeducation – A Year of Required National Service

May 01, 1983

If one looks at American schooling as a whole, one sees that it is top-heavy.

American Journal of Sociology Logo

American Journal of Sociology

May 01, 1983

American Journal of Sociology 88, No. 6 (May 1983): pp. 1296-1297. (Samuel P. Huntington, American Politics: The Promise of Disharmony.)

The Reindustrialization of America

May 01, 1983

Can't we have both social progress and economic progress? I have often been asked this question during discussions of the current conflict in America between those who seek an improved 'quality of life' and those who favor rededication to economic growth. I have been asked if I think it is possible for America to de- velop new energy sources, increase productivity, keep consumer products flowing, and at the same time use the growing wealth to purchase an environment, a workplace, and consumer products that are healthier and safer.

Investment is Critical to Industrial Growth

April 01, 1983

Contemporary America is largely shaped by a core project of economic devleopment that lasted from the 1820s to the 1920s.

On Not Being Your Own Best Friend

February 19, 1983

If you listen to those who tell you to be your own best friend, you will end up dressing for dinner - with your TV set; talking your problems over - with your cat; and discovering that your phone rings no better on the hook than off it. If you go out into the world watching out for Numero Uno, who do you think all those you run into will be watching out for? How well will you like the resulting dog-eat-dog world? Have you seen the mysterious hand that is supposed to see to it that, as we each pull the blanket our way, we all remain covered?

To Improve Schools Teachers Must Lead Children in New Direction

February 01, 1983

"We must get the government off our backs" is a catch phrase that captures the social philosophy currently dominant in the United States.

The Reindustrialization of Vocational Education

January 01, 1983

“Vocational education is not a priority,” lamented Richard Arnold, division manager of the Community Educational Relations Department of AT&T.

A Management Computer for the President

January 01, 1983

In July 1979, a New York Times reporter called the White House press office with what seemed at first a routine query.

A Top Management Computer

January 01, 1983

A computerized comprehensive management tracking system for the President of the United States was created.

Imposing Virtue on America

November 10, 1982

If every American schoolchild were to recite a voluntary prayer each morning; no abortion were to be performed legally or even in backrooms; pornography were not to be had, even in plain wrappers; and the death penalty were meted out twice a week - all this would do precious little for those who made these issues the hard core of their social agenda.

The Role of Self-Discipline

November 01, 1982

Much of the talk about the cognitive deficiencies exhibited by many U. S Pupils tends to focus on teaching methods (e.g., phonics versus sight-reading) and teaching resources (e.g., mumbers and qualifications fo teachers).

Are Scams and Stings Out of Control?

September 19, 1982

IT'S TIME WE APPLY to politicians a notion they fondly embrace when dealing with criminal members of other occupational groups: Let's be a bit less concerned with the rights of the criminals and more worried about the rights of the victims. Let's be a bit less concerned with the exact ways corruption of elected public officials is uncovered -- and much more concerned with reducing corruption in public life.