Putting One Over On the Elderly–65 and out: Not as Bad As It Looks

October 30, 1977

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Long on rhetoric, short on understanding of the scoio-dymanics of America, the spokesman of the aged are rushing through Congress a bill to outlaw mandatory retirement before the age of 70.

Can Schools Teach Kids Moral Values?

September 01, 1977

A 1975 Gallup Poll of a random sample of Americans reports that 4 out or every 5 favor instruction in morality and moral behavior in public schools.

Crime: Pay Dirt for Politicos

July 13, 1977

Politicos love crime. It provides them with what is considered amoung campaign engineers to be a "good" issue.

Quality Cost and Equal Access–Variables at Cross Purposes

June 01, 1977

“Quality Cost and Equal Access–Variables at Cross Purposes,” Medical Group Management, Vol. 24, No. 3 (May- June 1977), pp. 55-58.

Porn Is Here To Stay

May 17, 1977

Mayor Meame may well be sincerely disgusted with pornography; only he is much better at keeping his feelings about erotic material private when no election looms.

The America OPEC Versus New York

April 25, 1977

New York finds itself squeezed, this time, by an American OPEC.

The Day It All Turned Around For New York City

April 04, 1977

Not many outsiders know about the small, sprited band of optimists-called Team A- that the Defense Department keeps hidden away inside the Pentagon.

Medicaid Woes: Expose Is Not Reform

January 10, 1977

Seldome since J. Edgar Hoover personally held a gun to John Dillinger have Americant been treated to such dramatic flair in the pursuit of public enemies.

An Uneasy Policy in Energy

January 02, 1977

Oddly, President-elect Carter's promise for a strong energy policy- which we surely need- may be our next Vietman.

The Role of Institutionalized Thinking

January 01, 1977

“The Role of Institutionalized Thinking,” Inter-Sectoral Educational Planning (Paris: OECD Organization for Economic Cooperational and Development, 1977), pp. 167-179.

The Family: Is It Obsolete?

January 01, 1977

The American middle-class family, already stripped of most non-essential duties, now faces an attack on its remaininglast bastions. Sex is available premaritally, extra-maritally and non-maritally to more and more Americans.

Basic Characterological Needs and Changing Social Systems

January 01, 1977

“Basic Characterological Needs and Changing Social Systems,” in Gordon T. DiRenzo (ed.) We, the People: American Character and Social Change (Westport: Greenwood Press, 1977), pp. 273-284.

Health As a Social Priority

January 01, 1977

Among knowledgeable thinkers concerned with the relationship between health and society, there seems recently to have emerged a concensus of sorts.



Societal Overload: Sources, Components, and Corrections

January 01, 1977


"Societal Overload: Sources, Components, and Corrections" Political Science Quarterly, Volume 92, Issue 4 (Winter, 1977 - Winter, 1978), 607-631

After a long eclipse of the conservative position in social science, neoconservative social scientists have recently begun to take part in public dialogue about the present state of American society.<--break->

The Neoconservatives

January 01, 1977

Among those anticipating, promoting, participating in and benefiting from the past few years' shift to the right in the national mood is a group of social observers and essayist who are coming to be called "neocoservatives."