Is Poland Getting Bad Advice?

June 17, 1990

Poland is the only country in Eastern Europe that is attempting to rush from a command-and-control economy to a free-market economy. All the other countries have chosen a gradual transition. My prediction is that Poland will not make it. I base my prediction on sociological, psychological and political factors as well as economics. This broader perspective is a long way from American neoclassical economic theory, on which the “jump now” advice to Poland is based.

Education Begins at Home

May 21, 1990

A major employer reports that about half of its recent job applicants did not meet any of the corporation’s low-level qualifications, including “light typing.”

Getting Down to Business on Corporate Crime

May 21, 1990

The business community is up in arms about attempts to toughen the penalties for corporations that violate the law. In April, business leaders successfully pressured the White House and, through it, the Department of Justice to hold back the U.S. Sentencing Commission, which was about to recommend guidelines that would have required stiff fines - up to hundreds of millions of dollars per offense - for convicted corporations.

Feeding a Fantasy. NASA Out of Orbit

April 16, 1990

No government agency is more adept at public relations that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Going Soft on Corporate Crime

April 01, 1990

This week, sociologist Amitai Etzioni looks at the U.S. sentencing Commission's attempts to develop guidelines for punishing organizations that commit crimes.

A Dubious Solution

March 05, 1990

“A Dubious Solution,” New Leader, March 5, 1990, p. 20. (Daniel Callahan, What Kind of Life: The Limits of Medical Progress.)

Liberals and Communitarians

March 01, 1990

Communitarians charge contemporary liberal philosophers (CLP) with an excessive focus on individual rights and with neglect of obligations to the community, to shared virtues and common purposes.

As the party ends, East Europe faces tough times

January 19, 1990

It is essential to prepare ourselves for the fact hat the good news from Eastern Europe is more or less over. The Soviet Union’s southern republics are not the only trouble spots in a crumbling communist empire. America’s new democratic comrades in East Europe and our relationship with them are also about to face turbulent, testy times.

Fixing the Schools Is Not Enough

December 19, 1989

Plans to reform our schools tend to overlook the fact that about half of our youngsters grow up in families that are not viable from an educational viewpoint. Frequent divorces, a bewildering rotation of boyfriends and parents who come home from work exhausted both physically and mentally, have left many homes with a tremendous parenting deficit. Instead of providing a stable home environment and the kind of close, loving supervision good character formation requires, many child care facilities, grannies, and baby sitters simply insure that children will stay out of harm’s way.

Today We Elect a President-Monarch

November 08, 1989

Many of my colleagues on campus and in the media scoff at the American people. Even those who are neither liberal nor Democratic sneer at Americans’ excessive preoccupation with appearances rather than substance, with symbols rather than issues. Actually, the people have spoken clearly in favor of a constitutional reform: They want a system like Britain’s.

A Lifelong Democrat Packs His Bags

October 08, 1989

After a lifelong affiliation with the Democratic Party and its ideals, I am packing. And I am not alone.

Money, Power and Fame

September 18, 1989

I thought I was overprepared to teach ethics to a bunch of MBA'S. So what if these were the best and brightest of future corporate America? To me, Harvard Business School students seemed just as bright eyed, eager, and open to new ideas as any I had had in 30 years of teaching at Columbia, Berkeley and George Washington. Having just completed a book on ethics, "The Moral Dimension," I was loaded with teaching material; and a lengthy series of faculty meetings on teaching ethics had me convinced: sure, it could be done.

A Matter of Goals: High Growth – Or Deficit Reduction?

September 02, 1989

“A Matter of Goals: High Growth – Or Deficit Reduction?,” Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, Vol. 4, No. 4 (New Series), Fall 1989, pp. 555-570.

Don’t look for a nanny among immigrant day mothers

August 19, 1989

One of the few remaining taboo subjects in our society is the use of cheap, often-illegal, labor as in-house “day mothers.” Respected social-policy journals readily explore child abuse, AIDS, and even incest, but not the quality of such hired hands and the consequences of using them for child care.

Humble Decision Making

July 07, 1989

Old-fashioned decision making doesn't meet the needs of a world with too much information and too little time. So-called rational decision making, once the ideal, requires comprehensive knowledge of every facet of a problem, which is clearly impossible today. One of the most recent decision-making models, incrementalism, despairs of knowledge and instead concentrates on the smallest possible units of change-without any sense of grand design.