The special-interest cookie jar is covered with fingerprints

February 08, 1991

During last year’s Senate hearings on the Keating scandal, Sen. Alan Cranston accused his colleagues of “sheer hypocrisy” for bringing him up on charges, correctly implying that many of his fellow politicians could easily have been lined up right next to him.

Socio-Economics Revisited

February 02, 1991

Parsons' Marshall Lectures were an important and still are a relevant contribution to the critique of the utilitarian, rationalist, radically individualist paradigm which still dominates scholarship, especially economics, today.

The New Rugged Communitarianism

January 20, 1991

For several years, on many fronts, champions of greater responsibility to the community have become something of a new force in American life. They think of themselves as “communitarians,” though so far there is no registry of communitarians and no formal association. Nevertheless, their influence is real enough, and so are their objectives: to evolve public policies, moral norms, and regulatory guidelines that will correct what they perceive as excessive, “radical” individualism.

Too Many Rights, Too Few Responsibilities

January 01, 1991

Sometimes a finding in a survey, while of limited significance by itself, illuminates the encompassing, even debilitating, deficiency of a broader issue. One such finding has it that young Americans expect to have the right to be tried before a jury of their peers, bur are quite reluctant to participate in jury duty.

The Socio-Economic View of Redevelopment

January 01, 1991

In recent years the USA economy has exhibited signs of becoming a member of a category of economy best termed underdeveloping.  


Morality in the Marketplace

December 01, 1990

A point of contention between two groups of social scientists has surprisingly significant ramifications for the moral quality of our economic life.

Short Rations

October 21, 1990

The state of Oregon is proposing to lead the nation in rationing health care - by denying services to the poor.

Mean judge

Is Corporate Crime Worth the Time?

September 03, 1990

Soon a corporation could be sentenced to do community work, be put on probation, and pay fines.

Policy Implications of Socio-Economics

September 01, 1990

A fair number of social scientists are attempting to develop a new paradigm that will expand the range of sociological, psychological, and institutional factors included in the analyeis of economic behavior, above and beyond the variables typically covered by the neoclassical economic paradigm.

Is Poland Getting Bad Advice?

June 17, 1990

Poland is the only country in Eastern Europe that is attempting to rush from a command-and-control economy to a free-market economy. All the other countries have chosen a gradual transition. My prediction is that Poland will not make it. I base my prediction on sociological, psychological and political factors as well as economics. This broader perspective is a long way from American neoclassical economic theory, on which the “jump now” advice to Poland is based.

Education Begins at Home

May 21, 1990

A major employer reports that about half of its recent job applicants did not meet any of the corporation’s low-level qualifications, including “light typing.”

Getting Down to Business on Corporate Crime

May 21, 1990

The business community is up in arms about attempts to toughen the penalties for corporations that violate the law. In April, business leaders successfully pressured the White House and, through it, the Department of Justice to hold back the U.S. Sentencing Commission, which was about to recommend guidelines that would have required stiff fines - up to hundreds of millions of dollars per offense - for convicted corporations.

Feeding a Fantasy. NASA Out of Orbit

April 16, 1990

No government agency is more adept at public relations that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Going Soft on Corporate Crime

April 01, 1990

This week, sociologist Amitai Etzioni looks at the U.S. sentencing Commission's attempts to develop guidelines for punishing organizations that commit crimes.

A Dubious Solution

March 05, 1990

“A Dubious Solution,” New Leader, March 5, 1990, p. 20. (Daniel Callahan, What Kind of Life: The Limits of Medical Progress.)