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Reflections on Teaching Business Ethics

October 07, 1991

“Reflections on Teaching Business Ethics,” Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 4, (October 1991), pp. 355-365.

American Competitiveness: The Moral Dimension

October 01, 1991

At first glance, America's loss of competitiveness seems a simple matter. The litany is all too familiar.

Beyond 'Political Correctness,' Left or Right

October 01, 1991

A liberal friend scratched me off his cock-tail party guest list. 


The Slings and Errors of a New Publication

September 11, 1991

If you are thinking of starting a quarterly publication, lie down until the urge goes away. I did not; I am still standing, but barely. The economic, social, and intellectual curve balls that I have had to field in the past I would not wish on my least favorite people.

Standing Tall Invites Knocking Down

July 07, 1991

Americans are so anxious to protect their populist, republican, anti-monarchy tradition that whenever a leader or public figure so much as approximates a venerable status, we shred his or her public persona. Lately we have knocked down a peg or two the public servant par excellence Clark Clifford and the super-scientist David Baltimore, and we’ve given Nancy Reagan one more public trashing (adding some swipes at her husband), and the Kennedy clan another working-over (our populism is quite bipartisan).

Eastern Europe: The Wealth of Lessons

July 01, 1991

Frictions-psychological, sociological, political-is a major social science variable. During changes, friction is high. The post-communist transition from command economics to freer ones vividly highlights the perils of ignoring this basic factor.

A New Plea for the Public’s Interest

May 07, 1991

Americans have recently called for more government services, but showed greater opposition to new taxes; the express their willingness to show the flag anywhere from Central America to the Gulf, but many are reluctant to serve in the armed forces; and they have a firm sense that one ought to have the right to be tried before a jury of one’s peers, but evade serving on such juries.

Socio-Economics: The Next Steps

May 07, 1991

Socioeconomists should not act like shoemakers who have no time to make shoes for themselves.

Health Care Rationing: A Critical Evaluation

May 07, 1991

 “Health Care Rationing: A Critical Evaluation,” Health Affairs, Vol. 10, No. 2, Summer (1991). pp. 88-95.

The Socio-Economics of Property

May 07, 1991

It is suggested that in future work it will be useful to recognize that property exists on two levels: symbolic and real.


The Good Polity: Can We Design It?

May 07, 1991

Depicting a good polity, one that is morally superior and desired, is relatively easy. 


A Vote for Peer Pressure

May 05, 1991

The moaning and groaning coming from American corporations seems excessive. It has been going on since well before the United States Sentencing Commission presented its recommendations on penalties for corporate crime to Congress last week, and it may even accelerate while Congress studies the report.

Beyond Peeping Toms

April 01, 1991

A subtle change is taking place in Washington, and this time it is for the better: confressional leaders are reportedly moving to return to the days when the private affairs of members of the House and Senate were considered their personal matters.

Helping the Homeless Help Themselves

March 18, 1991

Among the least reported results of last November’s elections - and one that is only now coming into effect - was the insistence by voters of the District of Columbia that residents of the city’s homeless shelters attend rehabilitative programs, work, and save for their future housing.

Label Em Hazardous: Economic Forecasters are in Deep Voodoo

March 01, 1991

If the press reported daily on changes in the emperor's wardrobe, the people would believe he was wearing clothes.