Foreign Policy

The Evils of Self-Determination

October 08, 1992

Self-determination movements, a major historical force for more than 200 years, have largely exhausted their legitimacy as a means to create more strongly democratic states.

A Social-Science Court Could Inform the Debate Over Family Values

October 07, 1992

Some social conservatives, such as the Rev. Pat Robertson, label the Democrats anti-family and claim they do not believe in God, would not oppose an abortion for a 13-year-old-girl, and would allow gay marriages. Some liberals counter that it is the Republicans who are anti-family, pointing to President Bush’s veto of legislation that would have required companies above a certain size to provide unpaid leave for parents. They also claim that his Administration has not provided enough funds for child care or improved the economy enough to keep children from sinking deeper into poverty.

Blueprint for a New America

July 12, 1992

“Blueprint for a New America,” Washington Post Book World, July 12, 1992, p. 1. (Mickey Kaus, The End of Equality.)

Virtues and Constitutional Democracy

July 01, 1992

“Virtues and Constitutional Democracy,” Kettering Review, (Summer 1992), pp. 31-37.

The Communitarian Platform

July 01, 1992

Communitarian ideas have been around at least since the days of the Old Testament. In the modern era, they have played an important role in a variety of social movements ranging from the social democrats to the environmentalists.

A Plan for Getting Along

June 30, 1992

Little attention has been paid in the current debate about “LA” to what kind of relations we may expect to develop among the various groups that constitute our cities and, ultimately, American society. Liberals, true to their colors, are stressing that government ought to provide jobs and housing; conservatives are concerned with law and order.

Looking for Mr. Harassment

June 18, 1992

When the editors of a new quarterly, the Responsive Community, sought to publish Honeywell’s internal guidelines concerning sexual harassment, the company’s representative was reluctant to grant permission. The guidelines, she pointed out, encompassed cat calls, making kissing sounds, telling sexual jokes, and calling a woman “babe,” “doll,” “honey” or “sweeties,” among other things. Many employees, she said, had called wondering - “Is this sexual harassment?” She was concerned that Honeywell would be ridiculed for having extended its definition of sexual harassment so far.

How is Russia Bearing Up?

June 07, 1992

Some leading neoclassical economists feed into American triumphalism and excessive optimism to prevent us from approaching the historical developments in the post-Soviet world in a sensible and productive fashion.

Book cover

The I & We Paradigm

May 07, 1992

“The I & We paradigm,” Paul Ekins and Manfred Max-Neef (Eds.), Real-life Economics, Understanding Wealth Creation, Routledge, London and New York (1992), pp.48-53.

Socio-Economics: Select Policy Implications

May 07, 1992

Socio-economics is a new paradigm that seeksto combine the kind of variables typically encompassed by neo-classical economics with those contained in other social sciences.


Corporate Behavior: Fewer Flaws Means Fewer Laws

May 07, 1992

The secretary of an executive at Donallco, a California corporation, reported that when she scheduled her boss to fly on an airline, he told her to change the reservation. 

Contemporary Liberals, Communitarians, and Individual Choices

May 07, 1992

The recent flurry of exchanges between contemporary liberal philosophers and their communitarian critics points to a theoretical middle ground, directly relevant to economics.

Streets Meaner for Homeless

March 24, 1992

The need to shore up America's productive capacity is widely recognized these days. Some refer to it as revitalization; some as renewal; I coined the term reindustrialization. But whatever the name, the thesis is that economic problems run deeper than high inflation, unemployment, and interest rates; that after decades of public and private overconsumption and underinvestment the economic foundation -- the infrastructure and the capital goods sector -- has been neglected and needs the nation's attention and investment.

On the Place of Virtues in a Pluralistic Democracy

March 01, 1992

If a community recognizes a set of moral values and commitments as compelling, as virtues, these become the foundations of moral discourse in that community.  

How to Fix the Pharmaceuticals

February 23, 1992

One is a lone scoundrel. Two are a couple of rotten apples. But when a whole slew of companies in an industry are caught up in highly questionable - if not criminal - acts, we should reform the system and not just those caught up in it.