The U.S. Sentencing Commission on Corporate Crime: A Critique

January 07, 1993

The author argues that when commissions do include in their analyses major social and political forces that will affect the implications of their recommendations, their work is incomplete. 

The Limits to Worker Privacy

December 20, 1992

You work in a corporate division that processes medical reimbursements. You note that John is going through a new bout of alcoholism. He drives an 18-wheeler for your company. Do you tell the boss?

Do Fence Me In

December 01, 1992

The applications of 35 neighborhoods for permission to erect gates at public streets running through their communities are currently pending in the Los Angeles City Council. Many of these applications predate the riots; they were submitted in response to a sharp increase in crime.

Clinton’s first job: Lobbyists

November 13, 1992

If you want a premonition of what the Clinton administration is going to be like, watch how he deals with the first interest group that accosts him. You will not have to wait long. Representatives of interest groups are already lining up, six lobbyists deep, in the corridors of Congress, to ensure that no Clinton (or any other) initiative will be passed without their exacting a few pounds of flesh.

Communitarian Economics: How to Cut the Deficit and Put America Back to Work

November 01, 1992

President-elect Clinton inherits severe economic problems along two fronts--growth and deficits. During his campaign, he built a mandate for public efforts to restart the engine of economic growth and put America back to work. We believe that he should begin immediately to build a parallel mandate for eliminating the federal budget deficit by the end of his second term.

Sharing the Red Carpet, A Visit to Bonn

November 01, 1992

The impeccably proper German official is visibly impatient. Holding open the door to the nearest of a fleet of black Mercedes that were waiting, he rushes us in- "Surely we do not want to keep the president waiting."

To Avoid Another Bosnia: Recognize Macedonia Now

October 28, 1992

Intelligence sources in Washington openly predict what will happen next in the Balkan tribal war. As the Serbians consolidate their holdings in Bosnia, they are expected to try to drive out the 200,000 Albanians that live in Kosovo, and go after western Macedonia, a region where many Serbs live and that many Serb nationalists see as part of a “Greater Serbia.” If we are to avoid standing by as thousands more civilians are slaughtered, and thousands more are driven from their homes, we must act now.

Foreign Policy

The Evils of Self-Determination

October 08, 1992

Self-determination movements, a major historical force for more than 200 years, have largely exhausted their legitimacy as a means to create more strongly democratic states.

A Social-Science Court Could Inform the Debate Over Family Values

October 07, 1992

Some social conservatives, such as the Rev. Pat Robertson, label the Democrats anti-family and claim they do not believe in God, would not oppose an abortion for a 13-year-old-girl, and would allow gay marriages. Some liberals counter that it is the Republicans who are anti-family, pointing to President Bush’s veto of legislation that would have required companies above a certain size to provide unpaid leave for parents. They also claim that his Administration has not provided enough funds for child care or improved the economy enough to keep children from sinking deeper into poverty.

Blueprint for a New America

July 12, 1992

“Blueprint for a New America,” Washington Post Book World, July 12, 1992, p. 1. (Mickey Kaus, The End of Equality.)

Virtues and Constitutional Democracy

July 01, 1992

“Virtues and Constitutional Democracy,” Kettering Review, (Summer 1992), pp. 31-37.

The Communitarian Platform

July 01, 1992

Communitarian ideas have been around at least since the days of the Old Testament. In the modern era, they have played an important role in a variety of social movements ranging from the social democrats to the environmentalists.

A Plan for Getting Along

June 30, 1992

Little attention has been paid in the current debate about “LA” to what kind of relations we may expect to develop among the various groups that constitute our cities and, ultimately, American society. Liberals, true to their colors, are stressing that government ought to provide jobs and housing; conservatives are concerned with law and order.

Looking for Mr. Harassment

June 18, 1992

When the editors of a new quarterly, the Responsive Community, sought to publish Honeywell’s internal guidelines concerning sexual harassment, the company’s representative was reluctant to grant permission. The guidelines, she pointed out, encompassed cat calls, making kissing sounds, telling sexual jokes, and calling a woman “babe,” “doll,” “honey” or “sweeties,” among other things. Many employees, she said, had called wondering - “Is this sexual harassment?” She was concerned that Honeywell would be ridiculed for having extended its definition of sexual harassment so far.

How is Russia Bearing Up?

June 07, 1992

Some leading neoclassical economists feed into American triumphalism and excessive optimism to prevent us from approaching the historical developments in the post-Soviet world in a sensible and productive fashion.