Let’s Send Katz Packing

October 29, 2001

“Let’s Send Katz Packing” The National Law Journal (October 29, 2001) p A24.
The U.S Supreme Court ruled last term, by the thinnest possible majority, that a bizarre concept once used to define privacy will also be projected into the new age of advanced law enforcement technologies.

Censorship of War News Undermines Public Trust

October 23, 2001

A friend who works as a high-ranking public-information (that is, publicity) officer for the U.S. Army told me that he does not expect to be sent any place near Afghanistan, because "we plan to release as little information as possible, or less."

A Proud American Moment

October 11, 2001

“A Proud American Moment” The Christian Science Monitor (October 11, 2001) p 9.

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, only one day after the assault on America, newspapers caried extensive reports about attacks on Muslim Americans.

Beyond Transnational Governance

October 10, 2001

References to world government have long been treated as utopian notions held by a few visionaries. This much-dismissed vision is re-examined here in light of the fact that self-determination based on national governments, to the extent that it existed a generation ago, is increasingly curtailed by transnational developments.

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USA Can’t Impose Democracy on Afghans

October 10, 2001

“USA Can’t Impose Democracy on Afghans” USA Today (October 10, 2001) p 15A.

With the best of intentions, numerous U.S. public officials are busy plotting the future of the Afghan government and society.

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Should U.S. Forces Strike Back? Yes

September 18, 2001

“Should U.S. Forces Strike Back? Yes” USA Today (September 18, 2001) p 25A

If we try to deal with terrorist attacks mainly by heightening our defenses, we will need to curb even more our freedom of movement, of assembly, of commerce.

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A New Cold War

September 18, 2001

“A New Cold War” The Boston Globe (September 27, 2001) p A15.
(Reprinted in The Jerusalem Post, October 5, 2001.)

International terrorism will not be greatly diminished until we help open the societies that sponsor terrorists and that terrorize their own people.

The Myth of Privacy Invasion

September 10, 2001

“The Myth of Privacy Invasion” The Christian Science Monitor (September 10, 2001) p 9.
Members of Congress are returning to Capital Hill, having assessed what's on voters' minds.

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Economists Fail as Forecasters

August 13, 2001

The checks are in the mail. That's the message the Bush administration has been happily promoting about the tax-rebate checks now being sent out. But if you believe President Bush when he tells you that the billions of dollars involved "will help our economy," you have been fooled.

Bush’s community-based plan faces bumpy road

August 13, 2001

“Bush’s community-based plan faces bumpy road” USA Today (August 30, 2001) p 13A
This fall, President Bush plans to roll out a whole new slew of initiatives aimed at shoring up the moral foundations of the country.

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It’s a Crime, the Way Politicians Go at It

August 05, 2001

I feel as though I've been watching a new show in Washington lately: I call it "Everyone's a Criminal." Here are the highlights of the latest episodes: Democrats, in full outcry, demand that White House senior adviser Karl Rove be investigated for possible violations of conflict of interest laws for meeting with representatives of a large computer corporation in which he owns substantial shares, and with lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry, in which he has some modest holdings.

For more level-headed lives

July 31, 2001

“For more level-headed lives” The Christian Science Monitor (July 31, 2001) p 11.
Americans, forever on their guard against the overbearing government, need to take a closer look at what is happening in the private sector.

Lawyers’ Spin Undercuts Public Faith in System

July 24, 2001

“Lawyers’ Spin Undercuts Public Faith in System” USA Today (July 24, 2001) p 13A.
The next time you hear Abbe Lowell, lawyer for Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif., state that his client passed a lie detector test and fully cooperated with the police, there's every reason to be wary.

The Good Society: Goals Beyond Money

July 01, 2001

“The Good Society: Goals Beyond Money” The Futurist (July-August 2001), p 68
The great success of the economy in the 1990s alerted Americans to numerous moral and social questions that capitalism has never aspired to answer and that the state should not promote. These include moral questions such as what we owe our children, parents, and friends and neighbors, as well as people from other communities.

Tired of Fights Over Sex Education? Try This

June 26, 2001

“Tired of Fights Over Sex Education? Try This” USA Today (June 26, 2001), p 13A.
U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher says he wants to promote "responsible sex conduct."