Donors: Give-OK; Get-Not

August 06, 2020

This Article, taking into account that the United States Supreme Court holds these limitations tend to offend the freedom of speech (roughly summed up in the phrase “money is speech”), asks whether one could limit what the donors can get for their contributions.

The profile of the lower body of a person in a suit sitting on a low step, facing empty blue pews

Social Sciences Handicap the Moral Wrestler

August 05, 2020

We all carry a narrative about human nature in our minds. A major narrative, acquired from Judeo-Christian values, is that life is an unending moral struggle.

A computer screen shows Facebook's log in or sign up page

Two Cheers for Big Tech

August 04, 2020

The recent Congressional hearings that put on the hot seat four CEOS of the top big tech corporations, reflected the mood of the public.

President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping

US Anti-China Sentiment Reaches New Peak

August 03, 2020

We are at the wagging the dog stage, as the Trump administration pulls all stops to find some way to divert attention from its mismanagement of the pandemic and economy.

Trump stands in front of a large American flag

Trump's Not-So-Secret Helpers: Is America on the Road to Becoming an Authoritarian State?

August 01, 2020

Donald Trump is changing the country in ways that should have all Americans concerned.

A woman wearing a mask walks by empty tables at a restaurant

Beware of Seductive Narratives About the Coronavirus

July 29, 2020

We are caught in what students of narratives have shown to be the most seductive of them all: the fall and rise story.

An image of President Trump wearing a mask

Pandemic Problem: Trump's Historic Mistake Could Doom His Reelection Prospects

July 24, 2020

The president prioritized the economy over his people—and he will pay for that at the polls.

A Black person wears a surgical mask that says "RACISM IS A PANDEMIC"

Can Black Lives Matter Go Mainstream?

July 18, 2020

The Black Lives Matter movement has already engendered a profound and effective moral dialogue. Many White folks admit that, for the first time, they are reconsidering their views about police brutality and the ways that Black communities are—and ought to be—treated.

Earth, partially in shadow, against a black background

COVID-19 Tests Communitarian Values

July 14, 2020

The world’s most communitarian countries are handling the pandemic well. The most individualistic countries are doing the worst.

The Capitol dome

Congress Should Move Immediately To Devise a Comprehensive Recovery Act

July 13, 2020

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. The coronavirus pandemic is causing such devastation that the nation cannot wait several more months – until after the election and the expected transition of power – to act decisively to curb the assault.

A man stands in a crowd wearing in a blue cowboy hat with white stars

Needed: More Patriotism, It is a Blitzkrieg; America and the Dark Days of Social Divisiveness

July 13, 2020

We need more nationalism, [...] not of the kind that involves hating others but of the kind that reminds us that we are members of one community.

A protester holds up a Black Lives Matter sign

Protest, Yes; Violence, No

June 29, 2020

The issue is an old one; however, current events require that we revisit the question of whether it is justified to resort to violence to gain social change in democratic societies (however flawed they are).

A man in a red Make America Great Again hat, matching mask, and flag-themed shirt stands in front of a US flag

The Vaccine Is No Messiah: The Coronavirus Will Be With Us For Years to Come

June 27, 2020

All said and done, we better realize that the virus will be with us for years to come and accept that the new normal, living with various safety measures as well as testing and contact tracing, will be with us even once a vaccination is widely available. Keep your mask close and friends—at a distance.

 Donald Trump, in the bottom righthand corner of the image, points while appearing at a rally

Public Trust Problem: The Upcoming Presidential Election Creates New Challenges

June 21, 2020

A growing number of observers and Democratic activists are concerned that the president and the Republican party will engage in voter suppression, delay the fall elections, or refuse to abide by the results.

Many people, all wearing blue shirts, hold the borders of a giant American flag

A Solution to the Social Media Mayhem

June 14, 2020

Much attention has been focused recently, quite properly, on incidences of police brutality and on racism.