Don’t Separate Mosque and State

June 16, 2003

“Don’t Separate Mosque and State” Los Angeles Times (June 16, 2003) p. A11.
The United States should cease promoting a secular civil society as the only alternative to a Taliban-like theocracy in Iraq.

No Talk of the Town

June 02, 2003

“No Talk of the Town” Legal Times (June 2, 2003) p. 51.
Proposed FCC rules risk more national control of newspapers and TV. But without local media, communities die.

Gemäßigten Islam im Irak unterstützen

May 26, 2003

“Gemäßigten Islam im Irak unterstützen” (Support Moderated Islam in Iraq)Süddeutsche Zeitung Nr. 120 (May 26, 2003).
The United States in Iraq should cease promoting a secular civil society as the only alternative to a Taliban-like Shia theocracy.

Corral This Disease Now

May 19, 2003

“Corral This Disease Now” National Law Journal (May 19, 2003) p. 27.
Ten years from now, after we have already survived a bio-terrorist attack, some historian may well mutter, "Thank God for SARS!" We have long known that the laws concerning safeguarding public health in case of an epidemic, especially those dealing with isolation and quarantining, are highly inadequate and obsolete.

What is political?

May 14, 2003

There is no widely agreed upon definition of what is political. A definition that seems fruitful is to hold that political processes concern bridging power differences with society with those within the state, bridges that carry inputs both from society to the state (e.g., the results of elections) and from the state to society (e.g., Presidential speeches; legislation).

Communitarianism from the Encyclopedia of Community

May 14, 2003

Communitarianism is a social philosophy that maintains that society should articulate what is good–that such articulations are both needed and legitimate. Communitarianism is often contrasted with classical liberalism, a philosophical position that holds each individual should formulate the good on his or her own.

Are Virtual and Democratic Communities Feasible?

May 14, 2003

This paper asks whether communities and democracy can thrive in the new world, in cyberspace? This requires a two step examination. First, can there be virtual communities? Second, can these--and other (including offline) communities--govern themselves in a democratic way by drawing on new developments in cyberspace?

Are Particularistic Obligations Justified?

May 14, 2003

Are we justified when we care more about "our own kind" than about all others? Some scholars have tried to provide an answer based on what they consider human nature. Others--on self-interest

Aliens Are Not Part of the Club Yet

May 04, 2003

“Aliens Are Not Part of the Club Yet” Los Angeles Times (May 4, 2003) p. M5.
Let me be blunt: Immigrants are not entitled to the same rights as citizens.

Patriot Act is Needed, but so are Revisions

May 02, 2003

“Patriot Act is Needed, but so are Revisions” The Christian Science Monitor (May 2, 2003) p. 11.
I have some personal reasons to oppose Congress's rushing to extend the Patriot Act. The act, which broadened government powers - to the extend of infringing civil liberties - to fight terrorism, includes a sunset provision.

Diversity’ Argument Fails the Smile Test

April 07, 2003

“‘Diversity’ Argument Fails the Smile Test” The National Law Journal (April 7, 2003) p. A19.
On April Fool's Day, the U.S Supreme Court heard arguments as to whether it is acceptable for the University of Michigan to specifically deny admission to some fully qualified qhite students in order for those whites who are admitted to enjoy a "diverse educational environment." The case has been brought against the university by a student who was denied admission while some African-American and Hispanic students with substantially lower grade-point averages and standardized test scores were admitted.

Scrap Porn-Blocking Law, Start Over

March 10, 2003

“Scrap Porn-Blocking Law, Start Over” The National Law Journal (March 10, 2003) p. A13.
The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on March 6 regarding a Department of Justice (DOJ) appeal of a 2002 ruling by the U.S Disctrict Court for the Eastern Disvrtict of Pennsylbania that found the Children's Internet Protection Act unconstitutional.

Fight HIV With Straight Talk

March 04, 2003

“Fight HIV With Straight Talk” The Christian Science Monitor (March 4, 2003) p. 9.
The new White House and congressional initiatives to stem the HIV epidemic, which have yet to be reconciled, lack the straight talk that is vital if millions of lives are to be spared.

To NASA: Bring in the Drones

February 12, 2003

“To NASA: Bring in the Drones” The Christian Science Monitor (February 12, 2003) p. 11.
As the debate about the future of our space program moves from investigating what went wrong to what is to be done in the future, we should take a leaf from the US Air Force book.

On Self-Evident Truths

February 01, 2003

The National Association of Scholars, at some point, may want to pass a rule stating that since relativism has been criticized to perfection, we shall henceforth dedicate to it not more than 10 percent of our attention and we shall devote much more energy to what will come next.