Scrap Porn-Blocking Law, Start Over

March 10, 2003

“Scrap Porn-Blocking Law, Start Over” The National Law Journal (March 10, 2003) p. A13.
The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on March 6 regarding a Department of Justice (DOJ) appeal of a 2002 ruling by the U.S Disctrict Court for the Eastern Disvrtict of Pennsylbania that found the Children's Internet Protection Act unconstitutional.

Fight HIV With Straight Talk

March 04, 2003

“Fight HIV With Straight Talk” The Christian Science Monitor (March 4, 2003) p. 9.
The new White House and congressional initiatives to stem the HIV epidemic, which have yet to be reconciled, lack the straight talk that is vital if millions of lives are to be spared.

To NASA: Bring in the Drones

February 12, 2003

“To NASA: Bring in the Drones” The Christian Science Monitor (February 12, 2003) p. 11.
As the debate about the future of our space program moves from investigating what went wrong to what is to be done in the future, we should take a leaf from the US Air Force book.

On Self-Evident Truths

February 01, 2003

The National Association of Scholars, at some point, may want to pass a rule stating that since relativism has been criticized to perfection, we shall henceforth dedicate to it not more than 10 percent of our attention and we shall devote much more energy to what will come next.

Peasant Insurance’ a Corporate Shame

January 30, 2003

“‘Peasant Insurance’ a Corporate Shame” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution (January 30, 2003) p. 13A.
At least one a week I buy my lunch from Au Bon Pain. It never occurred to me that its employees are subject to what I consider a screaming unethical conduct.

How Not to Squander the Volunteer Spirit

January 27, 2003

“How Not to Squander the Volunteer Spirit” The Christian Science Monitor (January 27, 2003) p. 11.
I hope President Bush, in Tuesday's State of the Union address, doesn't repeat his call on Americans to help their country. The last we need is another moving, compelling call to do good - with so little follow through that it does a disservice to the whole cause of volunteerism.

Copyright: The Right Result

January 20, 2003

“Copyright: The Right Result” The National Law Journal (January 20, 2003) p. A14.

Values, Not Pay, Provide Best Incentive to Donate Organs

January 06, 2003

“Values, Not Pay, Provide Best Incentive to Donate Organs” USA Today (January 6, 2003). p. 113A.
New York's Department of Health could begin implementing as early as February some new rules approved last month from improving the care of liver donors.

Organ Donation: A Communitarian Approach

January 02, 2003

Recently, various suggestions have been made to respond to the increasingly great shortage of organs by paying for them. Because of the undesirable side effects of such approaches (commodification, injustice, and costs), a communitarian approach should be tried first.

Flirting and Flag-Waving: the Revealing Study of Holidays and Rituals

December 13, 2002

“Flirting and Flag-Waving: the Revealing Study of Holidays and Rituals” Chronicle of Higher Education (December 13, 2002). p. 16B.
My colleagues in the social sciences may wish to bring along their laptops, or at least their notebooks, as they join family and friends during the winter holiday season.

Public Health Law: A Communitarian Perspective

December 12, 2002

American society has often favored individual rights disproportionately over the common good. In the aftermath of September 11, there is a need to readjust our criteria to allow for the strengthening of security, public safety, and public health policies.

Iran May Present Greater Threat than Iraq

December 10, 2002

“Iran May Present Greater Threat than Iraq” USA Today (December 10, 2002). p. 24A.
Much attention has been paid to the dangers posted by North Korea and Iraq, which this past weekend turned over a 1,200-page report to the United Nations that declared it had no weapons of mass destruction.

Suffer the Children

November 30, 2002

“Suffer the Children” Education Week (November 30, 2002). p. 56.
Several leading civil libertarian groups and advocates (and libertarians) argue that minors of all ages are entitled to First Amendment rights.

Killing Christians

November 11, 2002

“Killing Christians” The Weekly Standard (November 11, 2002). p. 20.
On October 17, bombs killed 6 people and wounded 143 in Zamboanga, the Philippines. While press accounts mentioned in passing that the victims were CHristians, few conveyed to the reader that these were people assaulted by Muslim extremists because of their religion.

Religious Goodness & Political Rightness: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Debate

November 01, 2002

“Religious Goodness & Political Rightness: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Debate,”Journal of Church and State 44, No. 1 (Winter 2002), pp. 173-175.
In Religious Goodness and Political Rightness, Yong Huang asks, "What is the propper relationship betwwen people's religious ideas of the good and their political ideas of the right in a religious plural society" (p.247)?