Childless complainers don’t know what they’re missing

October 23, 2000

Much attention in this campaign has been focused on "working families." Politicians had better take note that one out of three voters are single -- and a fair number plan to stay that way. Many of them are responding to the siren calls of critics who argue that the society is favoring parents over those who are child "free."

How to thwart AIDS in Africa

September 20, 2000

“How to thwart AIDS in Africa” USA Today (September 20, 2000), page 17A.
When millions are condemned to die a horrible death, it is a sin to mince words.

The Right to Privacy vs. the Common Good

September 01, 2000

Drug testing violates the privacy of those tested.

Golden middle’ ends conflicts

August 21, 2000

Investigative files made public a few days ago indicate that it probably will be next to impossible to determine with any finality what caused the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990 -- an airliner that, despite investigator's inability to find any fatal mechanical failure, nevertheless plunged Oct. 31 into the Atlantic Ocean, killing 217 people.

Campaign finance deserves top billing

August 07, 2000

“Campaign finance deserves top billing” USA Today (August 7, 2000), page 15A.
Corporations made huge contributions to the Republican Party and to its convention last week.

Banding Together

July 14, 2000

“Banding Together,” Times Literary Supplement, July 14, 2000, p. 9.
Third Way political ideology - which is, at least in part, communitarian - is an anagram of three elements.

Who Will Step Forward to Protect Kids?

July 13, 2000

“Who Will Step Forward to Protect Kids?” USA Today (July 13, 2000), page 15A.
If someone asked you whether you'd support better protection for our children from cigarettes, violent and vile materials on the Internet, and violations of their privacy, you'd think everyone would agree.

You Have Fixed the Economy, Mr. Blair — Now You Must Mend Society

July 05, 2000

“You Have Fixed the Economy, Mr. Blair — Now You Must Mend Society”The London Times (July 5, 2000), page 18.
The Blair Government got the economy on the right course, no mean feat.

The Thinking Man’s Leftist

June 14, 2000

“The Thinking Man’s Leftist,” Washington Post Book World, June 14, 2000, p. C11.

Summer-Share Citizenship?

June 01, 2000

“Summer-Share Citizenship?” The New York Times (June 1, 2000), page A29.
Summer resident from the Hamptons to the Rockies are raising their voices in protest over being required to pay high taxes in their vacation getaways while being denied the right to vote in local elections.

Locking up medical data

May 22, 2000

“Locking up medical data” National Law Journal (May 22, 2000), page A22.
There are no federal laws that protect medical privacy in the private sector. Medical records are traded over the Internet. Employers use them to refuse to hire or promote those considered a poor risk. Banks call in loans of people who have had heart attacks. And pharmaceutical companies use information corralled from drug stores to urge patients to ask their doctors for the pills they're pushing.

Fence off sex offenders who prey on kids

May 16, 2000

“Fence off sex offenders who prey on kids” USA Today (May 16, 2000), page 25A.
What should we do with pedophiles? Not only do they prey on a part of the population particularly dear to our heart -- children -- but they generally commit many offenses before they are caught, then have a much higher tendency than other criminals to commit more offenses once released.

Law in Civil Society, Good Society, and the Prescriptive State

May 15, 2000

Two recent reports call attention to the fact that the American society faces two "crises" rather than one. These studies are the National Commission On Civic Renewal's A Nation of Spectators: How Civic Disengagement Weakens America and What We Can Do About It (from here on A Nation of Spectators), and the Institute for American Values' A Call to Civil Society: Why Democracy Needs Moral Truths (from here on A Call to Civil Society).

The road to the good society

May 15, 2000

The Third Way takes for granted that the state is neither the problem nor the solution, that unfettered markets can cause much havoc and suffering, and that carefully contained markets can be powerful engines of economic growth and employment. Above all, it maintains that a society best relies on three pillars: a strong but lean government; a well-developed but encapsulated market; and a vibrant community.

Zur Theorie der Zivilgesellschaft

May 13, 2000

“Zur Theorie der Zivilgesellschaft.” Theorie und Praxis der Sozialen Arbeit, Vol 51, No. 11, pp 403-409.