A Deadly Slippery Slope

November 10, 2003

“A Deadly Slippery Slope” The National Law Journal (November 10, 2003) p. 31.
The constitutional debate over whether a feeding tube may be removed from a patient in a persistent vegetative state is a no-brainer, but the moral issues involved are far from cut-and-dried [forgive the puns].

A Harmless Holiday Ritual That Has Gone Totally Amok

October 31, 2003

“A Harmless Holiday Ritual That Has Gone Totally Amok” Chicago Tribune (October 31, 2003) p. 23 (Also published: “Halloween: A Fun Holiday Turned into a Shopping Fest” The Miami Herald, (October 31, 2003) p. 25A).
This Halloween is the most commercialized and wildest of its kind since 9/11 and arguably in recent memory.

Vigilant Public, Press Keep Anti-Terror Efforts From Going Too Far

October 28, 2003

“Vigilant Public, Press Keep Anti-Terror Efforts From Going Too Far” USA Today (October 28, 2003) p. 23A.
Because I feel strongly that our government should do more to protect us from the next terrorist attack, I often find myself on television debating representatives of the ACLU and archconservatives such as former congressman Bob Barr.

Das kürzeste Empire aller Zeiten

October 27, 2003

“Das kürzeste Empire aller Zeiten” S&uumlddeutsche Zeitung, Nr. 247 (October 27, 2003) p. 13 (Also published: “Criticizing the U.S. Empire is Not Enough” International Herald Tribune (November 13, 2003) p. 7).

On Protecting Children from Speech

October 23, 2003

When freedom of speech comes into conflict with the protection of children, how should this conflict be resolved? What principles should guide such deliberations? Can one rely on parents and educators (and more generally on voluntary means) to protect children from harmful cultural materials (such as Internet pornography and violent movies) or is government intervention necessary?

The Message – Not the Messenger – is Democrats’ Problem

October 21, 2003

“The Message – Not the Messenger – is Democrats’ Problem” The Christian Science Monitor (October 21, 2003) p. 9.
It is very difficult these days for friends and foes alike to find out what the Democratic Party stands for. Although there is one less voice in the cacophony of the Democratic presidential race - following the withdraw of Sen. Bob Graham - confusion is still high indeed.

Search Warrant Timing

October 20, 2003

“Search Warrant Timing” National Law Journal (October 20, 2003) p. 31.
On Oct. 8, the U.S Supreme Court head a case it should never had had to deal with in the first place.

Mosque and State in Iraq

October 14, 2003

The United States, in Iraq and elsewhere, should cease promoting a secular civil society as the only alternative to a Taliban-like Shia theocracy. We cannot quell the religious yearnings of millions of Iraqis (and many other elsewhere) merely by fostering strong political and economic institutions and the sound values they embody--to wit, democracy and capitalism.

Much Ado About Money

September 22, 2003

“Much Ado About Money” National Law Journal (September 22, 2003) p. 23.
On Sept 8, the U.S Supreme Court heard an appeal of a lower court decision that voided a large portion of the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act.

Our Unfinished Post-9/11 Duty

September 11, 2003

“Our Unfinished Post-9/11 Duty” The Christian Science Monitor (September 11, 2003) p. 9. Also published as “How Secure Is Our Homeland?,” in Deseret Morning News (Utah) (September 14, 2003) p. AA03

Two years have passed without a new attack on our homeland, and Americans are increasingly complacent.

Shift Money From the Colleges to K-12

September 02, 2003

“Shift Money From the Colleges to K-12″ Los Angeles Times (September 2, 2003) p. B11.

There may be a faint silver lining in the sharply higher tuition fees that state colleges are charging students this year.

Dial Down U.S. Involvement in Iraq

August 27, 2003

“Dial Down U.S. Involvement in Iraq” USA Today (August 27, 2003) p. 11A.
As of Tuesday, the number of U.S casualties incurred after the end of major combat operations in Iraq exceeds those we suffered during the war.

How Liberty is Lost

August 14, 2003

“How Liberty is Lost.” Symposium: Fallacies in Democracy Society Vol. 40, No. 5 (July/August 2003) 44-51.

Stop Obsessing over Saddam

August 12, 2003

“Stop Obsessing over Saddam” USA Today (August 12, 2003) p. 13A.
Bernard Trainor, a retired Marine Corps general and mailitary analyst, called the deaths of Saddam Hussien's sons Uday and Quasay "a tremendous blow to the Baathist regime and a real boon for those Iraquis seeking a Saddam-free future.

A Fence to Make Good Neighbors

August 06, 2003

“A Fence to Make Good Neighbors” Christian Science Monitor (August 6, 2003) p. 9.
Instead of chiding Israel for building a fence between its territory and the land on which the Palestinian state is to be formed, the United States should welcome it.