The Capabilities and Limits of the Global Civil Society

March 06, 2004

“The Capabilities and Limits of the Global Civil Society.” Millennium, Journal of International Studies. Vol. 33, No. 2 (December 2004), pp.341-353.

Free Trade is Anything but Fair and Lousy Economics Besides

March 05, 2004

"Free trade" is God's gift to modern economics, and for a politician to support "fair trade" is tantamount to worshiping graven images. 

American Fantasy: Instant Democracy

March 05, 2004

The Bush administration plans to put before the next Group of Eight meeting and ambitious program to democratize the "greater Middle East".

Gibson's Odious Film

February 23, 2004

Civil libertarians claim that Mel Gibson has a constitutionally protected right to make his movie The Passion of the Christ, which will drive score of individuals among the many millions o

Great Depths of Knowledge Await Below

February 02, 2004

"Great Depths of Knowledge Await Below" Los Angeles Times (Feb. 2, 2004) p. B11

Law and Order and the Wild, Wild Web

January 22, 2004

"Law and Order and the Wild, Wild Web" The Christian Science Monitor ( Jan. 22, 2004), p. 9

A Virtual Web Community

January 19, 2004

"A Virtual Web Community" The National Law Journal (Jan. 19, 2004) p. 26

How Character is Built

January 11, 2004

"How Character is Built." Kappa Delta Pi Record (Winter 2004) pp. 54-57.

The Emerging Global Normative Synthesis

January 02, 2004

Out of discordant, often strident, conflicting voices that emanate from the East and the West, a new composition is slowly arising. The synthesized tune has a limited register and on many issues divergent voices will continue to be heard.

Immigrants Can Belong and Be Themselves

January 02, 2004

"Immigrants can belong and be themselves"  International Herald Tribune (Jan. 2, 2004) p.

On the Need For More Transnational Capacity

January 01, 2004

Professor Dinh raises the right issue higWighted by the 9/11 Commission: what should be the post-Cold War organizing principle for the global order?! Historians may well consider the period between 1989 and 2001 a confused interim, in which it was unclear what would replace the bipolar world.

A Self-Restrained Approach to Nation-Building by Foreign Powers

January 01, 2004

“A Self-Restrained Approach to Nation-Building by Foreign Powers.” International Affairs, Vol. 80, No. 1 (January 2004) pp. 1-17.
The central thesis of this essay is that nation-building -- however defined-- by foreign powers can rarely be accomplished and tends to be very costly, not merely in economic resources and those of political capital, but also in human lives.

Drivers License, Please

December 24, 2003

“Driver’s License, Please” The Boston Globe (December 24, 2003) p. A15.
Those who are horrified by the excesses of John Ashcroft's Justice Department should take note that some elementary and essential security measures have not yet been introduced.

Keep and eye on Liberty

December 15, 2003

“Keep an Eye on Liberty” The National Law Journal (December 15, 2003) p. 35.
Attonergy general John Ashcrost, this time, is truly going too far. Congress should immediately ban the use of the special powers, granted to the government to fight terrorism, abainst those suspected of having committed other crimes.

Fill Empty Hearts, Empty Chairs at Holiday Table

November 23, 2003

Thanksgiving is supposed to be the quintessential family holiday. However, for this first time, more than half my students will not be going home for the holiday this year.