You'll Love Those ID Cards

January 14, 2002

“You’ll Love Those ID Cards” Christian Science Monitor (January 14, 2002) p 11.
Today, we learn the conclusions of a special task force examining the merits of a national, tamper-proof ID card.

Professors Balance Duty to Students, Public Lives

January 14, 2002

“Professors Balance Duty to Students, Public Lives” USA Today (January 14, 2002) p 13A.
If you are a college student, plan to go to college or know anyone who is about to enroll, you may with to send a message of support to the beleaguered president of Harvard, Lawrence Summers.

Can There be a Global Society?

January 01, 2002

“Can There be a Global Society?” Perspectives (January, 2002) v 25, no. 1 p 1.
Theory develops in many ways, including through quests for internal consistency, codification, and formalization.

USA May be One Nation After All

December 31, 2001

“USA May be One Nation After All” USA Today (December 31, 2001) p 12A.
Despite Sept. 11, despite massive job layoffs that added another layer of grief for many American families, 2001 was quite a stellar year, which augurs well for the future.

America’s Battle of Extremes on Safety and Rights

December 18, 2001

“America’s Battle of Extremes on Safety and Rights” The Boston Globe (December 18, 2001) p A23.
The escalating confrontations between the champions of public safety and civil rights prevent us from seeing numerous middle-of-the-road public policies whos merits any reasonable person would recognize in a heartbeat.

Homeland Defense Offers Best Option for Volunteerism

December 12, 2001

“Homeland Defense Offers Best Option for Volunteerism” USA Today (December 12, 2001) p 15A.
We shall soon find out what President Bush meant when he called on Americans to do more than fly, shop and "get down to Disney World in Florida."

Thomas M. Franck: The Empowered Self: Law and Society in the Age of Individualism

December 01, 2001

“Thomas M. Franck: The Empowered Self: Law and Society in the Age of Individualism,”Journal of Law and Society 28, No. 4 (December 2001), pp. 606-609.
This is the liberal (in the political theory sense of the term) guide to the future of the planet.

Consider a New Mideast Option

November 15, 2001

President Bush, in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly this past weekend, said for this first time that the USA was "working toward the day when two states -- Israel and Palestine -- live peacefully together within secure and recognized borders.

How Not to Win the War

November 07, 2001

The United States has been scaling back its bombing on Fridays, the Muslim Sabbath. And only of after much public agonizing has the Bush administration decided to continue bombing during the Muslims' holy month of Ramadan.

Inventing Hispanics

November 01, 2001

“Inventing Hispanics” The Brookings Review (Winter 2001, vol. 20, no. 1) p 10.
Thirty years ago immigrants from Latin America who settled in the United States were perceived in terms of their home nation--as, for example, Cuban Americans or Mexican Americans, just as Europeans newcomers were seen as Italian Americans or Polish Americans. Today the immigrant flow from Central and South American has grown substantially, and the newcomers are known as Hispanics.

Let’s Send Katz Packing

October 29, 2001

“Let’s Send Katz Packing” The National Law Journal (October 29, 2001) p A24.
The U.S Supreme Court ruled last term, by the thinnest possible majority, that a bizarre concept once used to define privacy will also be projected into the new age of advanced law enforcement technologies.

Censorship of War News Undermines Public Trust

October 23, 2001

A friend who works as a high-ranking public-information (that is, publicity) officer for the U.S. Army told me that he does not expect to be sent any place near Afghanistan, because "we plan to release as little information as possible, or less."

A Proud American Moment

October 11, 2001

“A Proud American Moment” The Christian Science Monitor (October 11, 2001) p 9.

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, only one day after the assault on America, newspapers caried extensive reports about attacks on Muslim Americans.

Beyond Transnational Governance

October 10, 2001

References to world government have long been treated as utopian notions held by a few visionaries. This much-dismissed vision is re-examined here in light of the fact that self-determination based on national governments, to the extent that it existed a generation ago, is increasingly curtailed by transnational developments.

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USA Can’t Impose Democracy on Afghans

October 10, 2001

“USA Can’t Impose Democracy on Afghans” USA Today (October 10, 2001) p 15A.

With the best of intentions, numerous U.S. public officials are busy plotting the future of the Afghan government and society.