Permissible Limits

May 17, 2004

Using the rhetorical overkill that is an integral part of the American judicial system, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently filed a class action in the the U.S.

It’s Not Just a Driver’s License Anymore

May 16, 2004

Every time a Transportation Security Administration, (TSA) agent closely examines my driver’s license, I have a hard time not making one of those wisecracks that gets you into trouble. The reason? I know that driver’s licenses as a means of identification are a joke. Fake ones can still be ordered on the Internet or
purchased for about $60 in many cities, and real ones can be obtained fraudulently.

A Communitarian Position for Civil Unions

May 14, 2004

Professor Shanley's argument is compelling, powerful, and well grounded in communitarian arguments. However, when all is said and done she does not directly address the question of whether gay and lesbian unions should be accorded the same legal status as heterosexual ones.

On Virtual, Democratic Communities

May 14, 2004

“On Virtual, Democratic Communities.” Community in the Digital Age, Andrew Feenberg and Darin Barney, editors. (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2004, USA) pp. 225-238.

Wie eine gute globale Gesellschaft entsteht

May 14, 2004

“Wie eine gute globale Gesellschaft entsteht.” Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft, No. 2 (2004), pp. 12-30.

Response to Symposium: Do Children Have the Same First Amendment Rights as Adults?

May 14, 2004

Most, if not all, of the participants in this Symposium agree with several basic points set forth in the essay that occasioned this volume: (1) children have fewer free-speech rights than adults, (2) children need to be protected from exposure to violent and vile material, and (3) such protection should be age-graded.

Assimilation to the American Creed

May 14, 2004

“Assimilation to the American Creed.” Reinventing the Melting Pot: The New Immigrants and What it Means to be American, Tamar Jacoby, ed. (Basic Books, 2004, New York) pp. 211-220.

From Empire to Community: A New Approach to International Relations

May 14, 2004

Whether one favors the U.S. global projection of force or is horrified by it, the question stands - where do we go from here? What ought to be the new global architecture? Amitai Etzioni follows a third way, drawing on both neoconservative and liberal ideas, in this bold new look at international relations.

Why DNA testing is worth the risk

May 10, 2004

In this growing debate over the encroachment of science on privacy, the use of DNA testing presents both high risks to privacy and great potential for the public good. 

Loose Nuclear Arms are the Biggest Threat

May 03, 2004

The confluence of the terrorist attack on Madrid's trains and the American Presidential election is pushing the Bush administration further down the wrong road.

The 9/11 Panel Looks the Wrong Way

April 26, 2004

Fast-forward three years.

Reasonable Regulation

April 05, 2004

Most of the attention that has recently been paid to guns has focused on extending the ban on assault weapons, continuing to conduct background checks, and protecting the gun industry from liabilit

Religious Civil Society is Antidote to Anarchy in Iraq and Afghanistan

April 01, 2004

When countries like Afghanistan or Iraq are liberated from either a religious or a secular tyranny,

My Brother’s Keeper: A Memoir and a Message

April 01, 2004

In My Brother's Keeper: A Memoir and a Message, one of America's most admired public figures tells the story of his life. Born in Germany in 1929, Amitai Etzioni escaped the Nazi regime and as a teenager dropped out of high school to fight as a commando in the Israeli War of Independence.

Let's worry more about violence, less about porn

March 14, 2004

Indecency, no; violence, yes?