Diversity within Unity

May 14, 2002

“Diversity within Unity.” 21st Century Opportunities and Challenges: An Age of Destruction or An Age or Transformation, Howard F. Didsbury, Jr., Ed.

The Good Society

May 14, 2002

This essay explores some of the elements of what makes for a good society--or--community--from a communitarian viewpoint, with consideration from a combination of social facts as seen by sociologist. Additionally, ethical considerations, with special attention paid to exclusivity and to equality, are addressed.

Die Entdeckung des Gemeinwesens im Kultur-und Sozialbereich

May 14, 2002

“Die Entdeckung des Gemeinwesens im Kultur-und Sozialbereich. Effektivitatsvorteile von Non-profit Organisationen.” Ehre oder Amt?

A Communitarian Approach on Character Education

May 14, 2002

America’s moral and social fabric is weakening. Too often we demand rights without assuming responsibilities, pursue entitlements while shying away from obligations. More broadly, as the increase in antisocial behavior over the last decades indicates, we have lost our commitment to values we all share and next to no new ones have arisen to replace those that were lost.

Individualism – Within History

May 11, 2002

Individualism-The "-ism" indicates a doctrine, dogmatic, overboard commitment-has been so soundly and repeatedly defeated that one must ask: Why is it standing at all? It is a concept so intellectually defective and morally misguided, that one cannot but wonder: Why do people still hold onto this fool's gold?

Implications of the American Anti-Terrorism Coalition for Global Architectures

May 05, 2002

Given the rise in transnational problems and the inadequacy of the old, intergovernmental system, scholars are searching for a new, post-cold war global architecture. The 2001 anti-terrorism coalition presents a new architecture -the semi-empire -which is dominated by one nation (or a small group of nations) that
pressures other nations to follow the course it sets, and has a limited number of missions. The article explores the possibility that the coalition could expand to tackle other transnational problems besides terrorism. Given the coalition's lack of scope and legitimacy, other options are explored that might be more effective and legitimate.

An earful on the war from America’s ‘allies’

May 01, 2002

If you want to get a feeling for why America's allies are rapidly peeling off from supporting the war on terrorism, the following presonal account may help.

Mideast Needs A ‘Wall’ to Cool off Violence

April 09, 2002

Now that President Bush has sent Secretary of State Colin Powell to stop the bloodshed in the Middle East, my advice to him and all of us -- based on the 21 years that I lived in Isreas - is that we stop asking who is in the right.

For Now, the Saudi Plan is Just a Mirage

April 01, 2002

Every time you believe the mindless bloodshed in the Middle East has reached an incredible height, you wake up to find that the horror escalated some more.

An All Inclusive Marriage Initiative

March 01, 2002

“An All Inclusive Marriage Initiative” The Christian Science Monitor (March 1, 2002).
If you've been divorced, or had trouble in your marriage or any other lasting relationship - did I leave anyone out? - you many want to send an e-mail to the White House, saying something like "right on" and "me too".

The Presidency Needs Privacy

February 14, 2002

“The Presidency Needs Privacy” The Christian Science Monitor (February 14, 2002) p 9.
Based on my experience as a White House staff member, I hope Congress will respect the government's position that conversations Vice President Cheney had about energy policy are "privileged." The ability of the president and his senior staff to hold consultations without fearing that every thought aired could become public is so important for the well- being of the republic that I favor respecting "executive privilege" - even if it sets back the Enron investigation.

Give Wrongdoers a Chance to Repent

February 09, 2002

“Give Wrongdoers a Chance to Repent” Boston Globe (February 9, 2002) p A15.
We are now on a witch-hunt. We are discovering "plagiarists" at the rate of one every two weeks or so.

Towards a Socio-Economic Paradigm

February 02, 2002

This paper contains three parts. The first outlines the reasons I believe the time has come to develop a shared disciplinary core for socio-economics. It then turns to the principles that ought to guide us in developing such a core, and finally, suggests several specific elements for such a discipline. While my discussion benefits from a document formulated when SASE, a society founded to advance socio-economics, was first founded, all that follows reflected my current views as to on what is to be done and to feed into a dialogue on this subject.

Critics of ‘Boutique’ Doctor Care Miss the Point

January 24, 2002

“Critics of ‘Boutique’ Doctor Care Miss the Point” USA Today (January 24, 2002) p 15A.
For $600 to $5,000 a year above what their insurance already pays, patients at these "boutique" practices receive a battery of extra services from their doctors: 24/7 availability (some even given their cellphone numbers); hand-holding during major consultations with specialists; leisurely office visits free from the usual rush.