When It Comes to Ethics, B-Schools Get an F

August 04, 2002

“When It Comes to Ethics, B-Schools Get an F” The Washington Post (August 4, 2002) p B4.
Ever since Enron, business schools - the training grounds for corporate tycoons - have been forced to face the fact that they have filed to produce honest brokers.

Mobilize America’s Foot Soldiers

July 25, 2002

“Mobilize America’s Foot Soldiers” The Christian Science Monitor (July 25, 2002) p 9.
Congress is busy creating a Department of Homeland Security. But another new federal entity that could be making a vital contribution is barely mentioned: the Citizen Corps.

Lowering Membership Bar Cheapens ‘Democracy

July 25, 2002

“Lowering Membership Bar Cheapens ‘Democracy’” USA Today (July 25, 2002) p 13A.
President Bush's recent demand that Palestinians replace Yasser Arafat with a new leader before the next steps can be taken toward peace in the Middle East raises a crucial question: Should we seek to unseat any democratically elected leader?

Show US Mettle in Pakistan

July 18, 2002

“Show US Mettle in Pakistan” The Christian Science Monitor (July 18, 2002) p 13.
The credibility of American power is being tested these days not in Iraq, but in north Pakistan.

Throw Book at Terrorists Who Hide as Civilians

July 03, 2002

“Throw Book at Terrorists Who Hide as Civilians” USA Today (July 3, 2002) p 13A.
In 1946, before the establishment of the state of Israel, I served in an underground unit (PalMach) of the Jewish community. We were fighting the British, who ruled over Palestine in those days.

The Costs of Stonewalling

July 01, 2002

“The Costs of Stonewalling” The Christian Science Monitor (July 1, 2002) p 9.
It's time for Corporate America to learn a lesson from the Roman Catholic Church: Stonewalling and playing down revelations of abuse, whether sexual or financial, cannot be sustained in the long run.

But Remember, Good Fences Always Make for Good Neighbors

June 26, 2002

President Bush has offered a fine plant that, at best, will take years to implement. For now, a fence will make all the difference.

Mideast: Focus on the Possible

June 17, 2002

“Mideast: Focus on the Possible” The Christian Science Monitor (June 17, 2002) p 9. By Amitai Etzioni and Shibley Telhami.
As violence in the Middle East continues, hopes for a settlement have been further dimmed by an alarming polarization. Palestinians and Israelis have returned to the language of maximal demands, and to pointing fingers at all that has gone before. This trend can only make peace more elusive.

Ein Amerikaner in Europa wundert sich

June 13, 2002

“Ein Amerikaner in Europa wundert sich” Die Presse (June 13, 2002)

Internet Can Be a Safe Place for Kids and for Free Speech

June 06, 2002

“Internet Can Be a Safe Place for Kids and for Free Speech” Los Angeles Times (June 6, 2002) p 15.

Unfortunately, when Congress set out to protect children from the media and the internet, it used a sledgehammer instead of a surgical scapel.

Thickening the Soup

June 06, 2002

“Thickening the Soup,” Times Literary Supplement, June 6, 2002.
The editors provided a systematic list of questions and concepts for the authors to respond to, which gives the book more unity than such collections often have.

Engaging Iran, Slowly

June 04, 2002

Iran now tops the State Department's list of seven terrorist-sponsoring states. After 10 days in Iran - four cities, 60 interviews - I have little doubt that the United States is better off engaging Iran, as it does China, rather than trying to isolate it, as it does Iraq.

Student Visa Crackdown Won’t Keep America Safe

May 22, 2002

“Student Visa Crackdown Won’t Keep America Safe” USA Today (May 22, 2002) p 12A.
If the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) thinks it can largely curtail the nation's terrorism problems by focusing on college students, we should all worry.

Pedophilia Not Curable, Data Show

May 21, 2002

Many of the responses by the Catholic Church to pedophilia among its ranks implicitly assume that it is a curable disease.