Religion and the State: Why Moderate Religious Teaching Should Be Promoted

March 01, 2006

Should the US government and the international community actively promote religion overseas, especially in the Islamic world? Such an approach may seem wrong on all grounds. Religion is a major force driving jihadists in the Middle East, and separation of state and religion is one of the cornerstones of US democracy and the type of regime the United States promotes abroad.

Transnational Moral Dialogues

March 01, 2006

“Transnational Moral Dialogues.” After Terror, ed. Akbar Ahmed and Brian Forst. (Polity Press, 2005) pp. 79-84.

Transnational Moral Dialogues

March 01, 2006

Moral dialogs, social processes through which people form new shared moral understandings, occur not only within small communities, or even nation states, but also across national borders on a tran

Give Washington a Civilian Review Board

January 31, 2006

Trust in the Bush administration has fallen to such a low point that in order to restore at least some of it, we need a national civilian review board. 

Zachte drang tegen Iran kan niet zonder stok

January 19, 2006

De eenzijdige verberking door Iran van de verzegeling van zijn fabrieken voor uranium verijking ropt ernstiege twijfel op over de Europe prging come de wereld re latern zein dat grotse conflictioen

Patriot Act is convenient target

January 12, 2006

A steady stream of revelations, and the ensuing news media reports, have portrayed a president hungry for power, doing whatever is necessary - legal or not - to protect this country. 

Bad Lawyering

January 02, 2006

Those of us who study lawyers actually do know that most of them help resolve conflicts. They help clients to vent their anger-and realize that they do not have a case. They work out differences among contending parties, whether individuals, corporations or nations. In the public eye, though, lawyers are all from television's Boston Legal, fierce advocates of one side or the other, manipulating the evidence and pushing emotional buttons to win the day.

The Unique Methodology of Policy Research

January 01, 2006

POLICY research requires a profoundly different methodology from that on which basic research relies, because policy research is always dedicated to changing the world while basic research seeks to understand it as it is.' The notion that if one merely understands the world better, then one will in turn know how to better it, is not supported by the evidence.

Jewish, yet I say: 'Celebrate!'

December 25, 2005

For once the Christian right has come up with a good idea: Let's put Christ back into Christmas!

Von Fest - und Christbäumen

December 23, 2005

Wenigstens einman hat die christliche Rechte in Amerika eine gute Idee gehabit

From Right to Responsibility, the Definition of Sovereignty is Changing.

December 16, 2005

The idea that governments have a responsibility to protect their citizens is gaining momentum and may change the way sovereignty has been perceived for centuries. 

Hoog tijd voor di comeback van Jezus met kerst.

December 15, 2005

Vor een keer is christelijk rechts in Amerika met een goed idee gokomen: laten we Christus weer terugbrengen in het kerstfeest. 

Toon respect, maar alleen voor wie geweld afwijt

December 11, 2005

Drie suggesties om rellen te voorkomen, van een socioloog die veertig jaar de ontwikkelingen in de Amerikaanse steden heeft gevolgd. 

No State Intrusions

November 28, 2005

When my mother-in-law could not take it any more (her cancer had turned her leg into one huge sore, and her pain was unbearable), my wife reluctantly called in a physician who was also a family friend. Dr. L. explained that it was against the law for him to help my mother-in-law, who had battled melanoma for 13 months with a quiet dignity, to end her life.

Hand over settlements to Palestinians

November 16, 2005

The question as to what is to become of the residences, clinics, schools and greenhouses of the Israeli settlers once they leave Gaza this summer may seem like a minor subplot in the epic struggle