Una lingua globale che genera un senso di comunità

May 14, 2008

I vantaggi di una lingua globale sono stati riconosciuti nel corso di differenti epoche. 

Moral Dimensions of Educational Decisions

May 01, 2008

There is a widely held notion that public schools should not teach values. 

For the good of all its people, Israel must pursue diversity

April 30, 2008

To ask ‘Should Israel be a Jewish State?’ is like asking if the Pope must be a Catholic.

Religion and Social Order

April 01, 2008

What do Russia, China, Afghanistan, and Iraq have in common?

America and the Limits of the Politics of Selfishness

April 01, 2008

“America and the Limits of the Politics of Selfishness,” Political Science Quarterly 123, No. 1 (Spring 2008), pp. 169-170.
Sidney Waldman, a professor of political science at Haberford College, holds that the poor state of equality of opportunity (particularly as indicated by a public education system that to a large extent continues to neglect those worst off), and the reckless foreign policy that has undermined America's global standing command a reexamination of American democracy.

Will the Right Islam Stand Up?

March 01, 2008

“Will the Right Islam Stand Up?” Sociological Forum (Vol. 23, Issue 1, Mar 2008) pp 174-182.

Denial of Virtue

February 01, 2008

When Thomas Hobbes was asked why he contributed to a beggar, and was this not due to Christ’s commandment, he responded that he did so “with the sole intent of relieving his own misery at the sight

Succes in Irak gaat niet zonder Teheran

September 10, 2007

Te oordelen naar het debat over wat er nu moet gebeuren in Irak, zou je zeggen dat Irak een eiland was. Moeten de Amerikaanse troepen nú vertrekken of later?

Citizenship Tests: A Comparative, Communitarian Perspective

September 01, 2007

At first, it may seem that citizenship tests are just what their title implies: tests that determine whether a person is qualified to become a citizen. Actually, in many nations that require such citizenship tests, the vast majority of the individuals involved are not required to command any qualifications to become a citizen and hence are not tested.

Terrorists are neither criminals nor soldiers

August 22, 2007

As a former terrorist (in Palestine, 1946-47), let me tell you that Gordon Brown is right to extricate the UK from Iraq, but he is dead wrong when he argues that suicide bombers can be deterred in

Are New Technologies the Enemy of Privacy?

August 09, 2007

Privacy is one good among other goods and should be weighed as such.

Wilson Carey McWilliams's Conservative Communitarianism

August 01, 2007

Wilson Carey McWilliams was active in his church, political party, and government--all at the local level.

Social Analysis and Social Action

August 01, 2007

My interest over the last ten years has moved from the study of smaller social units to that of larger ones, from greater concern with conceptualization to an emphasis on the social relevance of social science, and from a fair segregation of the role of the sociologist and the active citizen to a greater effort to articulate the two.

Fundamentalist' Muslims Who Reject All Terrorism

July 18, 2007

The most important point of R.

Democracy is Not a Suicide Pact

July 01, 2007

SOME REALISTS argue that if the United States promotes democracy in places such as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the opening up of these polities would lead to more Islamist states.