Religious Goodness & Political Rightness: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Debate

November 01, 2002

“Religious Goodness & Political Rightness: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Debate,”Journal of Church and State 44, No. 1 (Winter 2002), pp. 173-175.
In Religious Goodness and Political Rightness, Yong Huang asks, "What is the propper relationship betwwen people's religious ideas of the good and their political ideas of the right in a religious plural society" (p.247)?

Seeking Middle Ground on Privacy Versus Security

October 15, 2002

“Seeking Middle Ground on Privacy Versus Security” Christian Science Monitor (October 15, 2002). p. 9.
Since Sept. 11, discussion has swirles around whether Americans have sacrificed too many rights to shore up on national security.

Safety Cards

October 03, 2002

“Safety Cards” American Enterprise (June 1, 2003) p. 7-8.
In March 2003 the FBI issued a worldwide alert for Adnan El Shukrijumah, who is sought for questioning in connection with possible terrorist threats against the United States.

In and out

October 03, 2002

“In and Out” National Review Online (October 3, 2002).
A major reason policymakers and the public are told we should not exorcize Saddam is that after we rid the world of him, we will have to stay in Iraq, at huge costs and risks. Phebe Marr, author of The Modern History of Iraq, testified before the Senate that if the U.S. embarks on this project, it needs to be prepared to see it through to an acceptable outcome - including, if necessary, a long-term military and political commitment to ensure a stable and more democratic government.

Treat Driver’s Licenses as What They Are

September 23, 2002

“Treat Driver’s Licenses as What They Are” Los Angeles Times (September 23, 2002) p. 11.
California Gov. Gray Davis is weighing whether to sign a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses.

The Silver Lining of 9/11

September 13, 2002

“The Silver Lining of 9/11″ The Christian Science Monitor (September 13, 2002) p. 11.
One year ago, terrorists left deep marks on American society, but hardly those they intended.

How Democracy is Preserved

August 26, 2002

"How Democracy is Preserved." Christian Science Monitor (August 26, 2002) p. 9. Also published in "The Record," August 28, 2002, as "Ashcroft's Policies Strengthen Democracy."
Civil libertarians claim that John Ashcroft and Co. have endangered our civil liberties since 9/11, as we enter the inevitable assessments around the first anniversary of the attacks.

Opening Islam

August 14, 2002

In 1982 President Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as the “evil empire;” in 2001 President Bush referred to the terrorists as the “evildoers.” Both were chastised for using such stark, biblical, moralistic terms. Both had a point, as the confrontations with militant forms of socialism and of Islam entail much more than a war over boundaries and resources, shifting balances of power, or avenging national slurs. These conflicts do speak to and for core moral and social values; both do concern the defense of liberty from enslaving forces.

Why Martha ‘Needs’ More

August 13, 2002

“Why Martha ‘Needs’ More” The Christian Science Monitor (August 13, 2002) p. 9.
The new law on corporate responsibility will accomplish nothing without a profound change in American culture.

When It Comes to Ethics, B-Schools Get an F

August 04, 2002

“When It Comes to Ethics, B-Schools Get an F” The Washington Post (August 4, 2002) p B4.
Ever since Enron, business schools - the training grounds for corporate tycoons - have been forced to face the fact that they have filed to produce honest brokers.

Mobilize America’s Foot Soldiers

July 25, 2002

“Mobilize America’s Foot Soldiers” The Christian Science Monitor (July 25, 2002) p 9.
Congress is busy creating a Department of Homeland Security. But another new federal entity that could be making a vital contribution is barely mentioned: the Citizen Corps.

Lowering Membership Bar Cheapens ‘Democracy

July 25, 2002

“Lowering Membership Bar Cheapens ‘Democracy’” USA Today (July 25, 2002) p 13A.
President Bush's recent demand that Palestinians replace Yasser Arafat with a new leader before the next steps can be taken toward peace in the Middle East raises a crucial question: Should we seek to unseat any democratically elected leader?

Show US Mettle in Pakistan

July 18, 2002

“Show US Mettle in Pakistan” The Christian Science Monitor (July 18, 2002) p 13.
The credibility of American power is being tested these days not in Iraq, but in north Pakistan.

Throw Book at Terrorists Who Hide as Civilians

July 03, 2002

“Throw Book at Terrorists Who Hide as Civilians” USA Today (July 3, 2002) p 13A.
In 1946, before the establishment of the state of Israel, I served in an underground unit (PalMach) of the Jewish community. We were fighting the British, who ruled over Palestine in those days.

The Costs of Stonewalling

July 01, 2002

“The Costs of Stonewalling” The Christian Science Monitor (July 1, 2002) p 9.
It's time for Corporate America to learn a lesson from the Roman Catholic Church: Stonewalling and playing down revelations of abuse, whether sexual or financial, cannot be sustained in the long run.