Ewig lockt die Mitte-Gastkommentar

May 11, 2006

Man fragt mich oft in letzter Zeit: "Was ist aus der kommunitaristichken Idee gewordern?" Sie hat gewonnen, dann ist sie allmahlich verchwunden, aber sie wir wiederkommen.

Time to make a deal with Iran

May 03, 2006

Iran has had its say over the past few months, defiantly pronouncing to the rest of the world what it will or won't do regarding its nuclear program. 

Tomorrow the World?

May 01, 2006

“Tomorrow the World?” Public Administration Review 66, No. 3 (May/June 2006), pp. 466-468.
There is something irrestible about the idea of progress, of a journey that takes us--and all other fellow human beings--to an even better place.

Un marche avec les mollahs

April 29, 2006

Depuis quelque temps, l'asministration Bush reforce son soutien auz reformateurs irniens afin de provoquer un changement de regime a Teheran.

Das Prinzip del Mosiaks

April 08, 2006

In den USA gilt der Soziolonge Amitai Etzioni als einer der wichtigsten Vordenker der liberalen Politik. 

Leaving Race Behind

April 01, 2006

Some years ago the United States government asked me what my race was.

Leveraging Islam

April 01, 2006

Following the implosion or removal of totalitarian regimes of the secular and religious varieties, we have witnessed an explosive growth in numerous forms of antisocial behavior. 

Stati In Crisi, Cultura Morale E Politica Estera

April 01, 2006

A suguito dell'implosione o della rimozione di regimi totalitari, sia di tipo secolare, sia di tipo religioso, si e verificata una crescita esplosiva di praticamente ogni forma concepibilie di comp

Das Leben Nach Bush

March 16, 2006

Die bevorstehenden Kongresswahlen und die ersten Positionskampfe vor Prasidentschaftswahlen 2008 haben in Amerika eine ernsthafte Debatte uber die RIchtung der AuBenpolitik nach Bush ausgelost. 

Should the United States Support Religious Education in the Islamic World?

March 01, 2006

The United States and its allies are involved in changing schooling in several Islamic countries, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also Pakistan and elsewhere. Specifically, the United States promotes and provides resources for changes in textbooks, teacher preparations, selection of school administrators, and general education policy.

Religion and the State: Why Moderate Religious Teaching Should Be Promoted

March 01, 2006

Should the US government and the international community actively promote religion overseas, especially in the Islamic world? Such an approach may seem wrong on all grounds. Religion is a major force driving jihadists in the Middle East, and separation of state and religion is one of the cornerstones of US democracy and the type of regime the United States promotes abroad.

Transnational Moral Dialogues

March 01, 2006

“Transnational Moral Dialogues.” After Terror, ed. Akbar Ahmed and Brian Forst. (Polity Press, 2005) pp. 79-84.

Transnational Moral Dialogues

March 01, 2006

Moral dialogs, social processes through which people form new shared moral understandings, occur not only within small communities, or even nation states, but also across national borders on a tran

Give Washington a Civilian Review Board

January 31, 2006

Trust in the Bush administration has fallen to such a low point that in order to restore at least some of it, we need a national civilian review board. 

Zachte drang tegen Iran kan niet zonder stok

January 19, 2006

De eenzijdige verberking door Iran van de verzegeling van zijn fabrieken voor uranium verijking ropt ernstiege twijfel op over de Europe prging come de wereld re latern zein dat grotse conflictioen