Sicherheit zuerst

May 31, 2007

Das Schicksal Afganistans wie das des Iraks zeigen, dass die Politic des Westens gengenube diesen Landern in hohem MaB von Illusionin und falschen Erwartunge ausging.

Don’t Brown the Latinos

May 15, 2007

Students applying for admission to colleges in the United States are typically asked to identify their races. The lists of options students are offered to choose from pose two problems. The first problem is faced by students who do not wish to be racially defined, and prefer to simply present themselves as Americans. The other problem is for Hispanics, the most rapidly growing part of the population. Some Hispanics see themselves as black, some as white, and most as neither.

Hispanics and Asian Immigrants: America’s Last Hope

May 15, 2007

The claim that large waves of "nonwhite" immigration will have a significant effect on the American creed, identity, and society is not without foundation. Immigration waves have continually change American society since its earliest days. However, these immigrants have made their mark not by undoing the established creed, thus leaving a normative vacuum and sowing societal dissent, but by recasting the framework that hold the United States together and often making it the better for it.

Foreword: A United Nations for the 21st Century

May 15, 2007

“Foreword.” A United Nations for the 21st Century: From Reaction to Prevention. Detlev Wolter. Germany: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2007.

Corporate Crime

May 05, 2007

The right to bring civil suits against corporations for the damage their activities have caused has long been established in American law. However, the notion that criminal charges can be brought against a corporation is self-evident, for, as the saying goes, "One cannot jail a corporation."

A Less Perfect Union

May 01, 2007

Several leading scholars have identified nuclear terrorism as the greatest threat the United States and its allies face, and have concluded that such an attack is very much within the realm of poss

L'Occident aussi a besoin d'un renouveau spirituel

April 06, 2007

"esprit des Lumieres eblouit tant d'intellectuls et del leaders d'opinnion en Occident que l'on en vient soit a ignorer le phenomene du retour du religieux a l'echelle mondaile, sour a percevior ce

Het Westen heeft een spirituele impuls nodig

April 01, 2007

Het Westers secularisme gaat voorbij ann de vargen waarvoor iemand komt te stann sodra hij vrij is om te kiezen en zign eigen koers te varen.

Controlled Maintenance

March 01, 2007

Iran has a strong case when it maintains that it has an internationally recognized right to develop dual-use nuclear technologies, enrich uranium, and keep all the plutonium it wants.

Security First: Ours, Theirs and the Global Order's

March 01, 2007

Both neosconservatives and liberals have overestimated the extend to which one nation, even a superpower with United Nations support, can re-engineer regimes. 

Reconstruction: An Agenda

March 01, 2007

This essay discusses several issues involving the theory of post-conflict reconstruction, and suggests that the concepts of reconstruction and of economic development be carefully kept apart. It explores the question of what moral and legal obligations to reconstruction the occupiers incur.

Do We Want a Market in Organs?

February 25, 2007

Virginia Postrel, a renowned libertarian, draws on ''Last Best Gifts,'' by an economic sociologist, Kieran Healy (Jan.

Community Deficit

February 08, 2007

The European Union is suffering not just from a democratic deficit, but a community deficit. The level and scope of its integration activities far exceed the degree of community that it sustains. The article explains why community, particularly normative-affective community, is needed and how it can be built in the EU.

Foreword: Civic Service Analysis Has Come of Age

December 15, 2006

Local, national, and international civic service is again a hot topic in the wake of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq (Dionne, Drogosz, and Litan 2003; Schulman 2002: Wilheml and Williams 2002; Dionne and Drogosz 2003; Galston 2001). Questions are raised about the distribution of the burden of military service among various social groups, the need for a draft, and the need for alternative services.

The Moral Limits of Economic Growth

December 01, 2006

“The Moral Limits of Economic Growth,” Sociological Forum 21, No. 4 (December 2006), pp.175-179.
In an erudite book, Harvard economist Benjamin Friedman argues that economic growth does not mearly shower its beneficiaries with material goods but it also a moral blessing.