Loose Nuclear Arms are the Biggest Threat

May 03, 2004

The confluence of the terrorist attack on Madrid's trains and the American Presidential election is pushing the Bush administration further down the wrong road.

The 9/11 Panel Looks the Wrong Way

April 26, 2004

Fast-forward three years.

Reasonable Regulation

April 05, 2004

Most of the attention that has recently been paid to guns has focused on extending the ban on assault weapons, continuing to conduct background checks, and protecting the gun industry from liabilit

Religious Civil Society is Antidote to Anarchy in Iraq and Afghanistan

April 01, 2004

When countries like Afghanistan or Iraq are liberated from either a religious or a secular tyranny,

My Brother’s Keeper: A Memoir and a Message

April 01, 2004

In My Brother's Keeper: A Memoir and a Message, one of America's most admired public figures tells the story of his life. Born in Germany in 1929, Amitai Etzioni escaped the Nazi regime and as a teenager dropped out of high school to fight as a commando in the Israeli War of Independence.

Let's worry more about violence, less about porn

March 14, 2004

Indecency, no; violence, yes?

The Capabilities and Limits of the Global Civil Society

March 06, 2004

“The Capabilities and Limits of the Global Civil Society.” Millennium, Journal of International Studies. Vol. 33, No. 2 (December 2004), pp.341-353.

Free Trade is Anything but Fair and Lousy Economics Besides

March 05, 2004

"Free trade" is God's gift to modern economics, and for a politician to support "fair trade" is tantamount to worshiping graven images. 

American Fantasy: Instant Democracy

March 05, 2004

The Bush administration plans to put before the next Group of Eight meeting and ambitious program to democratize the "greater Middle East".

Gibson's Odious Film

February 23, 2004

Civil libertarians claim that Mel Gibson has a constitutionally protected right to make his movie The Passion of the Christ, which will drive score of individuals among the many millions o

Great Depths of Knowledge Await Below

February 02, 2004

"Great Depths of Knowledge Await Below" Los Angeles Times (Feb. 2, 2004) p. B11

Law and Order and the Wild, Wild Web

January 22, 2004

"Law and Order and the Wild, Wild Web" The Christian Science Monitor ( Jan. 22, 2004), p. 9

A Virtual Web Community

January 19, 2004

"A Virtual Web Community" The National Law Journal (Jan. 19, 2004) p. 26

How Character is Built

January 11, 2004

"How Character is Built." Kappa Delta Pi Record (Winter 2004) pp. 54-57.

The Emerging Global Normative Synthesis

January 02, 2004

Out of discordant, often strident, conflicting voices that emanate from the East and the West, a new composition is slowly arising. The synthesized tune has a limited register and on many issues divergent voices will continue to be heard.