The author's wife, Pat, cares for a patient in a hospital bed

One Way to Retire

February 13, 2020

When things between Pat and me got serious and she felt that I was about to pop the question, she warned me: “My patients are my first concern.”

Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally

What Sort of Revolution Does Bernie Sanders Want?

January 27, 2020

The good news is that Sanders—despite his revolutionary rhetoric-- actually does not mean to overthrow the government, but, rather, to work within the democratic system. The sad news is that he is confusing millions with his revolutionary rhetoric and leading them up a garden patch with an agenda that is at best utopian.

A person faces a screen showing a person making the same gesture and facial expression

It's Time to Deep-Six Deepfakes

January 26, 2020

Facebook just banned the posting of “deepfake” videos. Congress should require other platforms to follow.

Let's Not Cede Patriotism

January 24, 2020

Originally, my book was called In Defense of Patriotism. My editor said he loved the manuscript, but allowed that the title gave him much grief. My liberal, supportive wife felt that I should reconsider the title, and my lefty Yalie granddaughter stated flatly that she would not read “such a right-wing book.” They sighed with relief when the book was renamed: Reclaiming Patriotism. This title communicates that I do not favor embracing nationalism, but seek to rekindle love of country—one definition of patriotism—in order to curb the divisiveness that is paralyzing the government and tearing apart society.

A small American flag is held in front of a sparkler

It’s Hard to Be a Patriot

January 19, 2020

When did love of country get such a bad name?

A woman and a man use an iPhone

iPhone vs. Trump: How Technology Companies Can Protect Both Customers and National Security

January 19, 2020

These very powerful encryptions leave the government in the dark. But perhaps there is a solution that appeases cellphone customers with privacy concerns while ensuring that criminals cannot conceal their conspiracies.

Socialism without a proletariat?

January 10, 2020

Something is missing in the social agenda of Elizabeth Warren that is much more consequential than the question of how she is going to pay for Medicare For All and for the other dozen plans she has unfurled. Where is the social force that will carry her policies, i.e., the social group that will play the role of the proletariat in Marxist theory and — of the free market in libertarian ideology?

A man in a crowd holds up a sign saying "WE'RE ALL SOLEIMANI"

America's Actions in Iraq Could Create a Stronger Iran

January 09, 2020

There is an important lesson in the way Iran has responded so far to the killing of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani...

A photo illustration featuring images of technology cables, a smartphone with social media apps, and a person using a smartphone

Office of Technology Assessment: It's time for a second coming

January 07, 2020

Congress must deal with a growing number of issues that new technological developments are forcing on the nation.