Sgt. Larry J. Isbell, representing the National Guard, watches his firing lane for targets. This photo is copyrighted by the U.S

Who Causes Civilian Casualties?

October 30, 2015

Here we go again, fighting with an arm tied behind our back. American officials say U.S. and allied warplanes "are not striking significant, and obvious, Islamic State group targets out of fear that the attacks will accidentally kill civilians," according to the New York Times. 

Self Determination: The Democratization Test

October 23, 2015

Self Determination is the process by which people, who are governed by a foreign power, gain self government. Often the people first form a sense of community - a sense of a shared identity, destiny, and core values - and then seek to invest those in a state, forming a nation. The term self determination is also used to refer to the normative principle that is evoked to justify breaking away from the old regime to form a new one. 

The Standing of the Public Interest

October 12, 2015

Liberal communitarianism holds that a good society is based on a carefully crafted balance between individual rights and the common good; that both normative elements have the same fundamental standing and neither a priori trumps the other. Societies can lose the good balance either by becoming excessively committed to the common good (e.g., national security) or to individual rights (e.g., privacy).