A man rides a bicycle in the snow in Kabul

Failed State: Why the Taliban's Corrupt Afghanistan Can't Be Saved

February 28, 2021

How many more Afghans will we allow to be killed so that our politicians will not have to admit that the United States and its allies failed in Afghanistan, and it is time to get out?

A clipart-like image with a human arm seving as the base for a set of scales; the hand grasps the bar that connects the balances

Human Rights Are a Worthy But Tricky Foundation for Foreign Policy

February 25, 2021

The Biden administration is reintroducing liberal principles – the promotion of democracy and human rights – as a major foundation of U.S. foreign policy.

A 2019 picture of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, seated in three-quarter profile in front of an Iranian flag

Iran: Let's Talk - "Why America Is Signaling Its Willingness to Talk to Iran"

February 21, 2021

The Biden administration has already taken several steps that Tehran will view as an indication that President Joe Biden is very keen to avoid a confrontation and to talk instead.

President Joe Biden wears a black mask and gestures with both hands as he speaks from a podium with the presidential seal

One More Joe Biden Challenge: Maintain Discipline

February 13, 2021

Add one more entry to the long list of challenges President Joe Biden faces: exerting discipline.

A street sign for Wall Street appears in front of three US flags hanging out of a columned building

It's Time to Impose a COVID-19 Equity Surcharge on Wall Street

February 08, 2021

Congress should impose a small COVID-19 equity surcharge on all trades in stocks, bonds and derivatives. The funds raised from this surcharge should be invested in counties in which the COVID death rate is at least twice the national average.

Insurrectionists wth flags and signs inside the Capitol building

Criminalize Threats To Public Officials

February 02, 2021

Just as 9/11 led to new, tough measures against foreign terrorists, the Jan. 6 insurrection should lead to changes in law to curb domestic terrorists.

Someone holds a "Stop China" sign at an October 1 protest in the Uighur community in Istanbul

Will the Biden Administration Embrace Trump's Extreme Anti-China Rhetoric?

February 01, 2021

Amid the great sense of relief now that the reins of the federal government are in the hands of President Joe Biden, I was distressed to hear his designated secretary of state, Antony Blinken, agreed that China is committing genocide.

The Secrets of a Published Author

February 01, 2021

So, you have a manuscript (or plan to write one) and you think it is going to be a bestseller. Or, you fear it will be a dud. Well, if my experience holds, you will be unable to tell. I did not get the prediction right for any of the 30 books I wrote, nor did the editors, nor the publishers.

Biden in profile, with a blue background, including a blurred Presidential Seal

Joe Biden: A Wartime Leader in the Coronavirus Era?

January 26, 2021

An unrelenting pandemic calls for a wartime-like mobilization of all sectors, public and private, as well as the third sector, which includes places of worship, voluntary associations, and foundations.

Biden speaks and gestures with his hands. A circle from the background frames Biden's head, almost like a halo.

Multilateralism Is Good, Just Not Good Enough: "What a Biden Administration Means for Multilateral Diplomacy"

January 18, 2021

President-elect Biden’s statements about foreign policy include many bullet points. However, beyond getting the United States to lead again, by restoring its moral standing and democratic institutions, his main shtick is multilateralism.

President-Elect Biden stands at a lectern, with the words "COVID-19 BRIEFING" displayed behind him

Biden Should Declare a State of War Against the Coronavirus

January 11, 2021

If we just imagined that COVID-19 had a uniform and flag, we would not hesitate to call on the new president to respond by asking Congress to grant him the powers embedded in the War Powers Act as soon as he takes office on January 20.

An image of a United States flag, with a cart full of vials of covid-19 vaccines and scattered needles superimposed on top

Don't Let Individual Rights Luddites Stop Coronavirus Vaccine Passports

January 05, 2021

The response to concerns should not be to forgo the passports, but to institute safeguards to ensure that the collected data are not abused.

A person works on a laptop

How to Make Zoom Democratic

January 04, 2021

The fact that Zoom (and other such platforms) have been of great social and public service during the pandemic should not make one overlook their limitations and hence the need for still other platforms. I hence forged one,, and I am comparing it to Zoom here next.

A person in a mask holds up a vaccine vial

How to Monitor the Vaccinated While Addressing Privacy Concerns

December 26, 2020

There is a great deal that public health authorities can learn if proper data are collected about the effects of the first anti COVID-19 vaccinations.

A 2017 Tehran display of missiles and Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Joe Biden’s Iran Policy Must Be About More Than the JCPOA

December 26, 2020

Iran is one of the nations that is most likely to try to test Joe Biden’s resolve.