The Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at the George Washington University is the nation's leading center for communitarian policy research and is a research institute dedicated to finding constructive solutions to social problems through morally informed policy analysis and moral dialogue. We seek to bring the best scholarship and analysis to bear on policy issues affecting family, schools, the community, and the moral climate of society as a whole.

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China is Not the Soviet Union

August 13, 2018

In evaluating recent alarmed assessments of China’s ambitions, one must recall that for decades the American intelligence community, in particular the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), vastly exag

A camera on a stick

China and the Lessons of Modern Surveillance Technology

July 18, 2018

China is taking the lead in drawing on recent technological developments to vastly enhance its capacities to keep its people under surveillance.

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Dialogue Starters announced for upcoming Arena Civil Dialogues

July 11, 2018


Contact: Lauren Alexander/Skye Lindberg

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What America Wants from Iran Can't Be Achieved by Regime Change

July 01, 2018

Now that the United States is "done" with North Korea, it is time to return to the question of what American policy toward Iran should be.

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Arena Stage Civil Dialogue: The Robots are coming!

June 29, 2018

This will be the fourth Civil Dialogue Event that ICPS has hosted in conjunction with Arena Stage in Washington D.C.

Immigration: Europe's Normative Challenge

June 29, 2018

To absorb millions of immigrants into European societies requires a normative integration.

The Limits of Transparency

June 22, 2018

Transparency is viewed as a self-evident good in Western society.

The Making of a Peacenik: Amitai Etzioni

Amitai Etzioni

Full text available for free download:

Happiness is the Wrong Metric book cover