Reclaiming Patriotism

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"This is a major contribution by a leading public intellectual to a central issue of our time. ..."
Wolfgang Streeck, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, author of How Will Capitalism End?

"Drawing on a lifetime of sociological research and decades as a global communitarian leader, Amitai Etzioni boldly takes on the most fundamental political challenge of our time. ..."
William A. Galston, The Brookings Institution

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C-SPAN's BookTV aired the Reclaiming Patriotism book launch party that was hosted by the Elliott School.

The video of the event is available here.

New Organization Invites Public to Pledge Commitment to American Ideals

In a press release on September 18, 2019, acclaimed advocate and academic Amitai Etzioni announced the launch of The Patriotic Movement to encourage people to publicly pledge their commitment to core American ideals.

Check Out the Full Press ReleaseVisit the Patriotic Movement WebsiteEndorse the Movement


A large red "X" over an image of a White Nationalist parade, including Nazi and Confederate flags; at the bottom, the text reads "LET'S NOT CEDE PATRIOTISM TO THEM. IT CAN BE LOVE OF COUNTRY WITHOUT HATRED: FOR HOW, CLICK HERE


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President Donald Trump speaks into microphones; First Lady Melania Trump stands next to him

Donald Trump: Can America Endure Another Four Years?

October 27, 2020

There is a clear and compelling choice: It is not the great upside of Biden, but the great downside of Trump. 

Amy Coney Barrett

Forget Court Packing: Only Term Limits Can Save The Supreme Court

October 06, 2020

With term limits, the two political parties would no longer be tempted to resort to all-out war every time a justice leaves the court, as their departures would be mandated and fairly distributed.

A tear comes through the closed eyes and down the cheek of Roshid Jan, a Rohingya refugee, and her son's hand touches her chin

America Has a Shameful Double Standard on Human Rights

September 29, 2020

Recent Indian gross violations of the rights of some two hundred million Muslim citizens and Myanmar’s atrocities have receive much less condemnation than Chinese human-rights abuses, and neither country is subject to sanctions.

Masked children line up to have their temperatures checked

Childcare Crisis: How Parents Can Persevere During the Coronavirus Pandemic

September 27, 2020

The Family and Medical Leave Act, enacted in 1993, created workplace protections and granted twelve weeks of leave to working families—but without pay. It should guarantee twelve weeks of paid family and sick leave.

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping stand next to one another

Needed: A New Global Trade System

September 22, 2020

It was easy to disrupt the world trade system that existed before Donald Trump entered the White House and Covid-19 hit. Now, before the global “village” has a chance to fashion a new system, hopefully after the US elections, academics and policy analysts should deliberate about what such a system might look like.

Honor Guard of Republic of China at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei City, Taiwain, 2004

Preventing the Taiwan Flash Point

September 18, 2020

A confrontation about Taiwan is viewed by many as the most likely place where the rising tensions between the U.S. and China may lead to an actual confrontation.

Joe Biden stands behind microphones, in front of US flags

Joe Biden's Stakeholder Capitalism Is Not the Issue—Corruption Is

September 09, 2020

Capitalism, like nuclear power, must be properly regulated for it to be helpful and not harmful.

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The Making of a Peacenik: Amitai Etzioni

Amitai Etzioni

Professor Amitai Etzioni Featured on Two Podcasts!

"Global Ethics Weekly," hosted by Alex Woodson - "China's Changing Role in the Pandemic-Driven World, with Amitai Etzioni & Nikolas Gvosdev"

May 26, 2020

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"Vermont Conversation with David Goodman"

May 20, 2020


Full text available for free download:

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