Feb 042013

New York City is installing a system that will track people 24/7, using thousands of closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs), radiation and license plate readers, and other technologies. If it works as promised, Microsoft — which is developing the software — stands by to sell it to your city. The invasion of privacy is much greater than anything we have seen so far. You can see this by comparing what any one CCTV or a license reader tracks, to the new Domain Awareness System (the name of the new system just installed in New York City) does.

A typical CCTV, mounted on a bank, office building or residential unit, “sees” who was at a given place at one point in time. A license reader will “know” that your car was at a given intersection at this or that second. These surveillance technologies typically lose this information after a few days. One cannot draw a profile from such instruments that will reveal much about a person beyond a single act. It may tell that you were at a bar at 3 p.m. when you were supposed to be at work, but typically only to the bartender. It may record that you were at Victoria’s Secret when you told you wife you are going to walk the dog, but that is as rule as far as it goes.

In contrast, the new NYC system, which should be renamed the Big Eye, makes a comprehensive profile of you, by — as its advocates boast — connecting the dots.

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