Oct 052012

If you are concerned about the tons of money that flow into our elections and the campaigns that drag on and on, but are told there is no way to limit the amount of dough involved — have a look at the way the Europeans do it.

In France, campaigns for the presidency last the two weeks preceding the first ballot and the week between ballots (if necessary). Contributions from corporations and nonprofit organizations are prohibited. Public funding is available. Free airtime is given to all parties participating in elections.

In Great Britain, the official campaign period runs typically from 5 to 6 weeks. While there is no public funding for election campaigns, free time for broadcasts is available for parties and candidates participating in the elections. Paid political advertising is prohibited.

Recently there have been various attempts to limit the flood of money into politics. Most have been ineffective. Meanwhile, let’s be honest about it: on this score, the Europeans put us to shame.

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